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Kaine introduces bill to support survivors of sexual assaults on college campuses

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine introduced legislation to help provide support for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses.

Senators renew legislation to combat sexual assault on college campuses

Sen. Mark R. Warner and a bipartisan group of Senate colleagues reintroduced legislation to combat sexual assault on college campuses.

Senators to join advocates, survivors to raise awareness of campus sexual assault

A group of senators will join survivors and advocates to draw attention to the continued epidemic of sexual assault on college campuses.

Governor signs law enhancing protections for sexual assault victims

Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed Senate Bill 291 and House Bill 1160, which establish procedures for handling evidence kits in sexual assaults.

Warner, Kaine call for new tools to fight campus sexual assault

Mark Warner and Tim Kaine are calling for additional federal resources to investigate and enforce sexual assault laws on college and university campuses.

Waynesboro man pleads guilty in molestation case

A Waynesboro man will spend 18 months in prison after pleading guilty to an amended felony charge in a child molestation case.

tim kaine

Senate education bill includes provisions of Kaine’s career, technical education, safe relationships measures

Following today’s announcement of the final conference report on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to replace No Child Left Behind, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine welcomed the bill’s inclusion of key provisions he authored to help prevent sexual assault and strengthen career and technical education (CTE) in schools across the country.


Sexual assault, Title IX workshop to feature state, local experts

A statewide workshop focusing on the prevention of sexual assault on college and university campuses – and how to handle it if it does happen – will be held Friday, Nov. 20, at Wintergreen Resort, and will feature presenters from Bridgewater College, the Virginia attorney general’s office, the department of education’s office of civil rights in Washington, D.C., and many others from the educational community.

Avon Foundation for Women awards grant to Shenandoah University for initiatives against sexual assault, domestic violence

Shenandoah University has received a $10,000 grant from the Avon Foundation for Women through its Speak Out Against Domestic Violence initiative.

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AAU, UVA release survey results on students’ perceptions of campus sexual assault

The University of Virginia on Monday released the results of a comprehensive survey gauging the climate and culture around sexual assault and misconduct at the University.

Jealous rage? Waynesboro man sexually assaults woman

The Waynesboro Police Department arrested a Waynesboro man on several charges after a weekend assault on his girlfriend. Officers charged Steven Joseph Faulkner, 28 years old, after he viciously attacked the 24-year-old victim in the home that they share.

Waynesboro man charged in sexual assault of family member

The Waynesboro Police Department has charged a local man after an he abducted, abused and sexually assaulted a family member Tuesday night. Ronald Issiah Burton, 30, is in custody and is accused of putting a 30-year-old Waynesboro woman through an eight hour ordeal of rape and assault at a residence in the 900 block of Shenandoah Avenue.

tim kaine

Kaine bill would provide advocate for college sexual assault victims

U.S. Senators Tim Kaine, Barbara Boxer and Kirsten Gillibrand introduced the Survivor Outreach and Support on Campus Act (S.O.S. Campus Act), legislation that would require colleges and universities to ensure that an independent advocate is available to support survivors of sexual assault on every campus.

House passes bill to aid victims of assault, protect students on college campuses

The House of Delegates on Tuesday passed legislation to aid victims of assault and to protect students on college campuses.

tim kaine

Kaine, McCaskill introduce education bill aimed at preventing sexual assault, domestic violence

U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Claire McCaskill introduced the Teach Safe Relationships Act of 2015, legislation that would improve health education in public secondary schools where it is taught, by including information on “safe relationship behavior” which would focus on preventing sexual assault, domestic violence, and dating violence.

eileen filler corn

Support grows for Filler-Corn bill to combat campus sexual assaults

Support continues to grow for Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn’s (D-Springfield) bipartisan bill to combat campus sexual assaults with Chairman of the Courts of Justice Committee, Delegate David Albo (R-Springfield), signing on as a chief co-patron.

Governor McAuliffe announces equal opportunity legislative agenda

Governor McAuliffe announced on Monday a series of legislative proposals aimed at ensuring that every Virginian has equal opportunity to succeed and contribute to the Commonwealth’s economic growth.

university of virginia uva

UVA rector: Independent counsel report will be made public

At the Board of Visitors’ request, the Virginia Attorney General selected an independent counsel to review the University’s policy, practices and procedures with regard to sexual assault.

tim kaine

Kaine urges Department of Education to provide information on sexual assaults

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine submitted a letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan addressing the current issues associated with sexual violence on college campuses.

College rape culture: One in five? Or more like one in 40?

It almost seems hyperinflated, the statistic that we hear cited about how one in five women who go to college are raped at some point during their time on their campus.

university of virginia uva

UVA president outlines components of action plan for campus safety

President Teresa A. Sullivan today announced key components of an action plan designed to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable climate of safety at the University of Virginia.

university of virginia uva

Message from UVA President Teresa Sullivan to university community on Rolling Stone article

Message from UVA President Teresa Sullivan late Friday to the University of Virginia community regarding the latest developments in the Rolling Stone article on the university’s response to sexual assaults,.

mark herring

Attorney General Mark Herring on Rolling Stone UVA article

Attorney General Mark Herring commented on today’s news regarding the Rolling Stone article on sexual assault at the University of Virginia.

university of virginia uva

Statement from UVA President Teresa Sullivan on Rolling Stone article

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan today issued the following statement.

university of virginia uva

Rolling Stone backs away from controversial UVA rape story

Rolling Stone is backing away from a story published last month alleging that the University of Virginia had failed to respond to a shocking gang rape of a first-year student in 2012, citing “discrepancies” in the account of the unnamed accuser.