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Neat polling trick: Trump voters back bombing country from Aladdin


trumpIt’s a sign of the times in the America that Donald Trump is making great hate again. Forty-one percent of Trump backers favor bombing Agrabah.

You know Agrabah. The country from the children’s animated movie Aladdin.

It’s a mean polling trick from the folks at Public Policy Polling, except that it’s not. Because why would folks support bombing Agrabah? Maybe that it sounds vaguely Islamic?

Even 19 percent of Democrats fell for the trick, so it’s not all Trump crazies, though that number itself is a sign of the times.

Trump’s mania has dragged the public discourse so far to the right that a fifth of the left feels compelled to tell a pollster that they, too, support bombing the Arab world back to the Stone Age.

Trump got the latest push toward fascism going with his fabulously publicized push for a ban on Islamic visitors. His voters back it by an 82 percent-5 percent margin. Those backing Sen. Ted Cruz back the proposal by a 57-25 split. Marco Rubio voters are split 39 percent in favor/40 percent opposed, and Jeb Bush’s corner of the GOP electorate is split 21 percent in favor/37 percent opposed.

Trump voters break from the rest of the Republican base on Trump’s proposal for a national database of Muslims (66-15 among the Trumpies, 46-37 among Republicans overall). They also break on the idea that mosques in the U.S. should be shut down (Trumpies are 45-28 in favor; the GOP as a whole is at a 28-47 split there).

Thirty-three percent of Trump voters think Islam should be illegal in the U.S. Forty-two percent are opposed, but … holy crap. A third of his base want to ban a religion.

Might want to start looking for a good Realtor in Toronto, just in case.

– Column by Chris Graham



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