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Mark Grabowski: School’s Islam assignment displays ignorance on all sides

An Augusta County high school teacher’s controversial assignment this month involving Islam is the latest unfortunate example of ignorance in America.

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All’s well that ends well: Angry email exchange ends with Merry Christmas

An email exchange that started with an angry reader calling an AFP columnist an “f—ing idiot” ended with he and I wishing each other a genuine Merry Christmas.

The controversial lesson at Riverheads High School: A primer

The Internet is blowing up over a generated controversy regarding a lesson on the Arabic language from a World Religions textbook at Riverheads High School.

Neat polling trick: Trump voters back bombing country from Aladdin

It’s a sign of the times in the America that Donald Trump is making great hate again. Forty-one percent of Trump backers favor bombing Agrabah.


Don’t say ‘radical’ if you mean ‘violent’

It’s about time someone challenged the phrase radical Islamic terrorism. The most objectionable part is the word radical.

Asymmetrical war against the Muslim world

The demagogic exaggeration of the “terrorist threat,” which was the centerpiece of the last Republican debates, is easily deflated with just a moment’s thought.

Sharia Law is coming to Augusta County: It’s all in the lesson plans

Fox News is reporting on a World Geography class assignment at Riverheads High School. That’s one way to define lesson plan gone wrong.

How is a call to arms Christ-centered? EMU director writes open letter to Falwell

Daryl Byler, executive director of EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding, wrote this open letter to his former law school colleague, Jerry Falwell Jr.

EMU president Loren Swartzendruber calls for action, engagement in response to extremism

Our campus community at EMU continues to prayerfully discern what the peace position means to us in a world beset by violence.


New book offers perspective, but no solutions, in West’s clash with political Islam

Alas, there is no simple solution to the conflict between the West and Islamic extremists. That is the takeaway from John M. Owen IV’s “Confronting Political Islam: Six Lessons from the West’s Past.”


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