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How you can let Augusta County leaders know you’re unhappy with your reassessment

Chris Graham
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We’re still waiting for Augusta County government officials to get us numbers on how much the 2024 property-value reassessments are going to ding county property owners.

AFP regional editor Crystal Graham has been in contact with the county to get detailed numbers on increases across the seven magisterial districts for commercial properties and for homeowners. The word as of this writing on Friday morning is that we should have that information on Monday.

In the meantime, social media is blowing up with people reporting on their individual reassessments going up dramatically.

Just from the few people who have been in contact with me, we’re talking 25 percent increases as a floor.

The county sent us a press release earlier this week trying to sell the notion that, one, home prices are up 45 percent nationally since the last reassessment in 2019, and the most recent reassessments in Staunton and Waynesboro, which are on two-year cycles, were up in the mid to upper 20 percent range in 2023.

It was also emphasized in the presser that the reassessments can be appealed, though, and this is me, editorially, saying, good luck with that, and also that the Board of Supervisors can maybe take some of the sting out of the reassessment increases by lowering the property-tax rate.

Again, this is me, editorially – good luck with that one, too.

Crystal has a story up with lots of detail on how you can take part in the budget process, file a reassessment appeal and what options are there for tax relief.

The link in the above sentence takes you to all of that.

I’m going to add to that here by providing the contact info for your members of the Board of Supervisors, who probably should hear from you directly.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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