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Fighting jealousy: How to keep it all about your story

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We have all been in a place of not wanting to share a person with someone else. It might have happened back in childhood when we would not let out mom go for the girl’s evening. Or when our best friend found somebody else to watch your favorite series with. However, what is even worse is when this malicious feeling gets in between two loving souls and starts to slowly destroy everything they used to have. Is there a way to keep cool-headed? Let’s figure this out together!

One of the most common situations for jealousy manifestations is obviously a long-distance relationship. Once you have found a girl to fall in love endlessly on the brides dating site and she lives on a different continent or even country, things become extremely complicated. Who is she going with on a dinner tonight? Is there someone else? How do I make sure that I am the only one? These issues we will try to solve in this article, so stay tuned!

Getting Rid Of The Relationship Killer: Jealousy

To cut the long story short, it is all about trust. Well, easier said than done especially in the long-distance dating story. Nevertheless, to make the relationship function properly and pleasantly for both partner, building and sustaining mutual trust is the key. Even for the hardest cases of the jealousy manifestations, showing trust is a much more powerful action.

Below, we have gathered some of the most efficient pieces of advice on how to cope with the feeling of resentment and fear of being lied to:

  • accept the feelings but not the actions: if you are trying to cope with this strong emotion, the first thing to do would be to accept it and observe. When you consciously decide to fight the emotion, you should first understand why and when it is caused. By accepting it, you make it significantly easier to let these feelings ago. What should not be acceptable, though, is the aggressive behavior towards the object of jealousy. This has to be dealt with immediately;
  • reaffirm your relationship status: once it seems there is a third party involved, it is a time and place for an open dialogue with your beloved one. Obviously, it is not about you yelling at the other person with reproaches and unpleasant claims. Take this opportunity as a moment to see whether your significant other still feels the same to you or maybe things have actually changed. This is almost never about a third person but about a problem in your story;
  • wait to cool down and look at things objectively: one of the worst things that may happen in the moment of jealousy overtake is bad blood. Try to avoid your assumptions growing into a major threat to the trust in your relationship.

All in all, there are numerous ways we all struggle in our relationships and love stories. Jealousy is a natural feeling unless it outgrows into something aggressive and crazy. Being reflective and patient will help you cope with this emotion better and thus may even save your couple.


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