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What to do what to do? As each stroke is different per individual, each hobby must also fit the individual. Physical limitations can place us in awkward situations as to the type of hobby that will be rewarding rather than frustrating.

Easily frustrated? Then don’t stack toothpicks or play the game “operation” … I have found many definitions of the word “hobby” including an English Bird. So let us just “go to the birds”. There’s an easy-to-start hobby that would benefit us in recognition, memory and watching their habits. I would guess that my first hobby was sitting and staring out the window. I sprinkled some seed to where I could view the birds and watched as they arrived. Cardinals, woodpeckers, Chic a Dee, sparrows, blue jays were a constant.

Watch them eat, feed the younger birds, discover the origin of pecking order. OK, where do I go from there? I went the free public service route that combines hobby with helping others. This is the most gratifying to me. There are those that contribute right here in our community. But what if I could not get out or retrain the brain and was forced to be home? Get an “attitude”…Tell your closest friends you have “tude”….
There are so many hobbies out there and I was amazed that I did not even think about them. I am going to supply direct links to these sites that show hobbies that might interest you on any level. It does not have to be a hobby for just you. Make something and give it to a family member. Your grandchildren, your caregiver and a best friend counts also. The best presents I have ever received were those constructed for me. This is not counting the refrigerator cardboard box.

I am sure you can sit back and think about an incident where a personal touching item was given to you. For example, right now there are pinecones, walnuts and acorns. Pinecones make perfect Holiday decorations and you can even paint them or add glitter.

They can be displayed every year on the Christmas tree with pride next to your kids elbow macaroni whatever it is. I wonder is paste tastes the same?

Choosing a hobby…OK, where do we start? Lets’ go here.





Now I hope these sites provide you with some insight as to the many choices out there. I was intrigued with “lasers”. Don’t know why, but the world would be feared with me and a laser.

Here are some stroke sites I also found worthy of passing on.



Now the exclusive two videos….ME…..God Bless you all




– Column by Chris DeWald



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