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McClellan urges new perspective in governor’s office in first TV ad

The campaign of Sen. Jennifer McClellan released its first TV ad, “Perspective,” emphasizing the need for a fresh perspective in leadership and highlighting how her perspective has shaped the experience she would bring as governor.

McClellan, a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for governor, opens the ad sharing how her history and experience have shaped her perspective as photos of her family appear. She then talks about how her 15 years in the General Assembly have helped her usher generational progress from ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and expanding voting rights with the Voting Rights of Virginia to strengthening workers’ rights through the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and Pregnant Worker Fairness Act and expanding health care through the Reproductive Health Protection Act and creating the state health exchange.

“But for 245 years, the perspectives of Virginia governors, while different in some ways, have had more in common than not,” McClellan says in the ad. “This moment demands something different to rebuild with no one left behind. The time for a new perspective is now.”


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