Local licensed electrical contractor vs unlicensed home services

You can do some electrical work yourself. Perhaps you know people in your neighborhood who know how to do some home wiring. But is this potentially dangerous? Or is it actually even as reliable as a professional service? In this article we’re going to pit a local licensed electrical contractor vs. unlicensed home services and see which is better for you and look at some reasons why it may be a good idea to hire a professional residential electrician service.

Electricity is Extremely Dangerous

When you are doing home wiring yourself, or having unlicensed work done, you have no insurance. Electricity coming from most power lines can actually make a person explode. It doesn’t just happen to birds. People’s internal organs have literally combusted, and caused their bodies to explode due to the amount of electricity that flows through power lines at any given time. Aside from this, even just touching that much electricity gives you an extremely high chance of not living through it, as it’s often as concentrated as a lightning strike.

Are Unlicensed Contractors Safe?

Most unlicensed contractors for starters are not insured, and they also don’t always practice safe measures when it comes to installing electrical items. If they get hurt and they aren’t licensed and insured, it could come out of your pocket. Don’t believe me? Just ask Wal-Mart about their five-million-dollar case for not having properly licensed electricians work on their job site. Because someone who wasn’t licensed got hurt and died, they ended up being sued. Unlicensed contractors also aren’t usually properly educated compared to a real electrician. Just because they’re cheaper by the thousands even than a real electrician at times, it’s a good idea that their price is too good to be true.

What about Licensed Contractors?

When a certified electrician works on your home, you have added security on many levels, from safety to even financial reasons. Because of this, your best bet is always to spend the little bit extra to get a certified electrician to do a real big project. Anytime there is electricity involved, your home, and your health make electricity a potential threat. Electricians know this and are certified for a reason. They’ve educated themselves so there are less chances for error. Knowing that they are certified can also help when it comes to ensure everyone’s safety, and also the laws and regulations, all of those are being met. At companies like Gforce Electric, they know what it takes in order to keep people safe.

Conclusion: How Do I Know?

Gforce Electric has a Master’s electrical license, and all of their workers are insured. When you’re hiring an electrician, ask for proof of these things. If they aren’t certified, then your best bet is to not hire them. You will not only get what you paid for, sometimes you won’t get any service at all. And what’s worse, they could install your electricity, and 3 days later your house burns down (there are numerous horror stories all over the internet about this).

Always hire a certified electrical engineer when it comes to all of your electrical work to ensure everyone’s safety.

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