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Letters: Readers weigh in on next week’s elections

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Support for Miles Bobbitt in clerk race

Over the past three decades I had the good fortune to work in our local criminal justice system where I had frequent contact with the clerks and staff in our local courts.  During that time I learned how important the work of the clerk’s office is and the value of having people in those positions who are knowledgeable and customer oriented.  I was happy to learn that Miles Bobbitt is seeking to become the Clerk of the Augusta County Circuit Court in the upcoming election.  Over my career I have interacted with Miles in a variety of situations in his positions as a probation officer at Blue Ridge Court Services, the director of the Augusta County Victim/Witness Program and in his current position as the director of the Valley Alcohol Safety Action Program.  In each of those positions I found Miles to be an effective administrator and quite adept at bridging the gap between public services and the community. I hope that you will support and vote for Miles Bobbitt in the Nov. 5 election in Augusta County.

Letter from David T. Pastors/Staunton

Support for Steve Landes in clerk race

One of the most important jobs of the Clerk of Circuit Court for Augusta County is to maintain the records for civil and criminal court cases, land records, wills and estates, and the important historical records for the county. Of all the candidates for Augusta County Clerk of Court Steve Landes seems to be the only candidate who has some ideas of how to preserve those records, and to promote our history as well.

As someone interested in history, I was glad to see Steve has a plan to continue to preserve and display our Augusta County history. Steve wants to continue to seek out grants from the Library of Virginia to continue the process begun by former Clerk of Court John Davis to preserve important historic documents, and at the same time investigate ways to make those records available online to all of us.

Steve Landes is the only candidate for Clerk of Court with a plan to work with organizations like the Augusta County Historical Society, Augusta County Genealogical Society, and the Frontier Culture Museum to promote Augusta County’s history and find ways to display more of the important historic resources the Clerk is the steward.

Like Mr. Davis, our former Augusta County Clerk of Court, I plan on voting for Steve Landes for Clerk of Court on November 5. Steve is the candidate with a plan to preserve and promote our important history.

Letter from Peggy Sheets

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