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Is pest control morally right?

pest control
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In a world where animal rights are of growing importance, is pest control still morally correct?

We often don’t think about it until we need it for our property when it comes to pest control. In an ideal world, we would never lift a finger to harm an animal – any animal. But, unfortunately, when they are bringing diseases into our homes and eradicating our food stores, it becomes necessary to do something to remove them.

Pests take many forms. The modern rat or mouse is attracted to the warmth of your home, to the food reserves, and to the comfort of being indoors. Just like humans, rats, mice, roaches, and termites all seek out the warmth of indoor life. Unfortunately, however, that means they start to creep into our territory.

Today’s topic is whether or not it is morally just for us to remove these creatures who, let’s face it, are just trying to survive? So we consulted with the experts at pest control Sydney to find ways that allow the best of both worlds.

Is it OK to get pest control in 2022?

Is pest control still relevant in the modern world? We say yes. However, we would caution that pest control can be humane or inhumane, and we are clear and specific that only humane traps should be used in 2022. We are beyond the point of being barbaric and causing cruelty or suffering to the animals we trap. Where possible, creatures shouldn’t even be killed but captured and released into their natural habitat.

Here are some of the best humane pest control methods that we can use to ensure we are not harming the animals we deal with. It’s worth remembering those pests that cannot be captured and released elsewhere. Think of termites, for example. These must be exterminated, or you need to move home.

Humane pest control methods

Instead of rushing to call an entire extermination team, consider these humane pest control methods, or consult with an expert who can give you clear advice.

Catch and release traps

Catch and release traps are simple. Usually, they come as a cage; the animal goes in to get the bait and is stuck inside. There is no kill mechanism; only a mechanism ensures the door stays closed. There is a small risk that the animal will hurt themselves trying to escape, but if you leave food and water in it, they will have all they need to survive until morning when you empty the trap. Do not leave catch and release traps for longer than a day at a time to ensure animals are released.

Environmental monitoring

Monitoring the environment, your pests are breeding in can discourage them. You could send pests like rats and mice elsewhere if you remove their food source. Block up holes into your cupboards and clean up spills immediately after they happen for best results.

Rats come indoors for two things: to eat and to mate. Finding and removing their breeding ground will interrupt this cycle and see them go elsewhere.

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