How to determine what season is best for window replacement Toronto

window replacement Toronto

Typically, most homeowners wait until Spring or Summer to start their home renovation process. This includes window replacement Toronto. With the harsh winters we are so used to experiencing in Canada, installing windows is the last thing you have on your mind. However, a lot of homeowners overlook getting new windows in the Fall. Fall weather is idea as it is not to hot or too cold.

As well, the peak time for windows installation Toronto is in the Spring so it might be more of a challenge to schedule a time for installation. If you choose to have your windows installed in the Fall, you will have a better chance at getting an appointment at your preferred time.

Things to Keep in Mind When Determining Best Time for Window Replacement Toronto

  1. Your home is exposed to the elements during window and door installation

Even though windows installers cover up the holes during the installation process, some cold air will manage to seep into your home. This could cause a rise in your electric bill.

And during the warmer months, there is more of a chance of bugs and the like coming into your home. Fall is the ideal time for windows installation as neither of these two factors are a consideration.

  1. The foundation of your home shifts during cold weather

During the winter, the cracks in the foundation of your home are exposed to the cold and could shift or shrink as a result. This could affect the installation process. Most installers are skilled at installing windows during the colder months, but due to the shifting, etc, the process could take longer than it would during the warmer months.

Tips for Winter Window Replacement Toronto

Window installation does not have to be an issue during the winter if that is the only time you are able to take on the project. Following are some tips to help the process go smoother.

  1. Make sure that installer uses a silicone-based caulk as it is more effective during the colder months and is also better for waterproofing.
  2. It is better to ask for a morning appointment as this gives time for the materials to expand and warm up.
  3. Ask the installer to install one window at a time to keep your home warmer.
  4. If you have the time and the means, try to plan a vacation around that time so you will not have to be exposed to the elements.
  5. Close the interior doors to the rooms in which the windows are being replaced.

The ideal time to shop for windows at the end of the Summer. This way you can plan for the installation process during the Fall months as opposed to Summer or Winter. Fall is a great time for window replacement Toronto as the air is crisp as opposed to humid in the summer or bitter cold during the winter months.

No matter what season, Direct Pro Windows and Doors has the best selection of quality windows and doors. Call us when you are ready for door and window replacement Toronto. We will give you a free estimate and consultation right in your home.

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