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How to choose products for your FBA inventory

FBA business has reshaped the e-commerce world. It has made both buying and selling easier by forming an efficient mechanism. You can establish a multimillion online business by adopting a smart approach for FBA. There are many factors to consider while starting an FBA business. From finding a manufacturer to a freight forwarder, you have to take into account everything.

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The product is the backbone of an FBA business. A good product can provide you extraordinary profits and vice versa. That is why you should put a lot of effort into the selection of your product for FBA business. It is essential to keep in mind that everyone does not have a similar situation. If a product is suitable for someone, it does not necessarily mean it is the right choice for you. This blog will help you in choosing the right product for your FBA inventory.

Things to Consider

Product Value

It is essential to consider the value before choosing any product. Choosing a high-value product is not a good idea because it poses the risk of a greater loss. You should choose an average-priced product so that you do not go broke if things do not work out. It is recommended to select a product with a price range between 10$-100$.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of the product determine the expenses you have to bear for it. If you select a large and heavyweight product, you will have to pay more fee to Amazon. Same is the case even if you hire a third party to process and ship your inventory. Therefore, you should always opt for smaller and lightweight products.

Keeping the processing and shipping cost down will guarantee a better return on your investment. Ideally, you should go for products less than 5 pounds. If you are looking for the economical shipping from China then please visit


The products in your inventory will go through different steps before reaching the Amazon warehouse. If you choose a fragile product, there is more probability of it getting broken during processing and shipment. You cannot take a risk like that as you will have to bear the losses. So, it is best to choose an unbreakable product. For example, choosing a wallet, football, shoes, clothes is better than sunglasses, jewelry, and crockery.

Also, make sure that your product does not contain multiple parts because losing anything can make it useless.

Best Seller Rank

While selecting a product for your FBA business, you should consider its best seller rank (BSR). BSR tells you how good a product is selling in its category. You should go for the go for items falling in the top 5000 BSR. People purchase several units of products in top 5000 BSR, so you have a better probability of getting sales.


You must check the reviews of the product you are planning on selecting. If you select a product with a lot of reviews, you have to face more competition. On the other hand, a product with lesser reviews makes it easier for you to get to the top rating.


Keywords are very important for optimizing a product listing and getting good traffic. It is vital that the product you choose offers multiple keywords to be ranked. If you will have more choice of keywords, you will be able to target the one with lesser competition.


Considering the category is essential before selecting the product for your FBA business. Remember that choosing a popular category is not always the right choice because of the competition that comes with it. Your product should fall in a frequently searched category that allows you to get to the first page.

Another blunder that you must avoid is to choose a category with popular brands in it. Brand recognition has a great influence in inducing sales as people trust them more than an unknown seller. So, try to avoid categories with popular brands in it for getting more sales for your product.

Ways to Choose


Sometimes you have to rely on yourself for effective product research. You can search the most in-demand products on the internet to check their profitability and competition. Check out the products of the FBA best sellers. Ask the previous sellers of the product about the return on investment. There are a lot of comparisons that you have to do while conducting a survey. For example, comparing the viability and sustainability of popular products.

Sometimes conducting a survey can be the most effective method for product research as it tells you about the ground realities. You cannot always trust the market trends because it does not provide you the complete knowledge that you need. There are little details with huge repercussions that you can only find out through a survey.


Tools are probably the most widely used medium for Amazon product research these days. Some product research tools are free while others are paid. Modern tools have made finding the right product as convenient as it can get. You just have to enter the product’s niche, and the most popular products in that category will appear. Not only this, but product research tools can also tell you the competition on a specific product and market trends.

Doing product research via tools is the most popular because of its accurateness and convenience.

Asking the Manufacturer

The manufacturers are the ones who are aware of all the ins and outs of a product. Getting assistance from a manufacturer during product research can be beneficial. You should not ask the manufacturer after committing or ordering because then his opinion will be biased. Tell a manufacturer that you are interested in a couple of products and want his guidance to choose the best one. This way, you will get the best advice.


You should not rush into choosing any product rather do extensive research beforehand. If you know the right method to choose a product, you are more likely to establish a sustainable FBA business. The guidelines mentioned above will make the product selection phase easier for you.

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