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How much is a massage chair? Tips before buying massage chairs that can save money

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Massage chairs are undoubtedly pricey. Not only are they very good-looking pieces of furniture, but they also offer a complete massage parlor experience in one compact home equipment. With special features like heated massage rollers, air massage systems, body scan technology, and specialized massage programs that are built to last years of service, it is no wonder why they have big price tags. But that should not discourage people from purchasing them. The expansive list of benefits that massage chairs can provide greatly outweigh their price in the long run. Many people suffer from chronic back pain because of various reasons, and the number of cases of youths developing early muscle and bone deformation because of bad habits grows every year.

By having a massage chair in their houses ready for use anytime, families can reduce the risk of these complications appearing in any of their members, which can save plenty of visits to the hospital in the future. Furthermore, massage chairs would cost far less than what the average consumer is estimating, they just do not know where to look. It’s not easy, that’s for sure, but with enough research, anyone can find the best massage chair for home and office use themselves.

The average price of massage chairs

Decent massage chairs will cost around $3000 to $5000. Expect these chairs to have basic functions like an S-track or L-track back rollers, air compression massage, and a zero-gravity recline feature. They will almost always include at least five massage programs and additional customizable functions. These are the features that should be prioritized, as they perform the most frequently used massage functions during a session. Note that this is subject to change in the future as technology improves, but so far, no such mechanism exists as far as the public knows. It is possible to purchase a massage chair below $1000, but it is very likely that it will be made of cheap materials with a very limited list of functions, and those functions that are included may not be very effective.

It is recommended to strike within the price range mentioned above. During shopping events like Black Friday, massage chairs discounts can go to as much as 50% off, so it is the best time to get a massage chair for people on a budget.

Warranty limitations

A good measure of cost efficiency is also the coverage of the massage chair’s warranty. Buying branded massage chairs from manufacturers or registered dealers is always a good idea, as this can ensure that the repairs will be done by professionals and not just any other mechanic. There’s also the issue concerning patented technology, which would make it considerably harder and more expensive for third-party repairs to replace broken parts. Most suppliers offer at least two to three years of warranty that covers most parts of the massage chair. Finding a chair with a proper warranty length will save consumers a lot of money if it encounters any problems.

Imitation and overpriced products

Imitations of popular brands may also appear when browsing for massage chairs. They will probably be much cheaper than the product they are imitating, which makes them more attractive for oblivious shoppers. Always price check using online sources whenever the authenticity of the massage chair in question is highly suspicious. Most suppliers will allow customers to test out their massage chairs too. It is also highly advised to only purchase from legitimate massage chairs online shopping websites to ensure that a customer is receiving an authentic product from the web. On the other hand, there will also be vendors who will try to mark up the price of a massage chair if they think their potential customer is not very well-versed with the pricing of massage chairs.

There are plenty of scammers on the internet. So in order to stay safe online, shoppers should pay close attention to the vendor’s track history. There are numerous ways in which this can be measured, and one of those is looking at reviews. Testimonies from verified customers will be invaluable for this.

Vouchers and discounts

Looking for products at discounts is another great strategy that shoppers can use to save money while shopping online. Shopping during seasonal events like Black Friday and the Christmas holidays is an obvious example of this strategy. Online stores will often have vouchers that customers can claim during their first purchase on that website, and they may also offer them during promotional events. This is inherently based on luck, being in the right place at the right time, but because they are so common nowadays as vendors compete to sell more products from their stores, keeping a few handy for big purchases will shave off a lot of the total cost.

There are great deals everywhere for those who are willing to look. With the power of the Internet at one’s fingertips, becoming a smart shopper has become much easier nowadays. Massage chairs don’t have to be too expensive once everything is factored in, and even if they cost an entire year of savings, it will all be worth it once it finally arrives at their new owner’s home and they could enjoy the full list of health benefits that they provide.

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Story by Cyrel Nicolas

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