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How can I use tax resolution services to help my finances?

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Many workers in America have unpaid debt, accumulating after numerous years of having one overdue payment or built-up medical bills that never seem to go away. Many people fall into debt because they might not realize how much they owe, and their “debt hole” keeps growing bigger and bigger.

In 2018 alone, the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) seized the property of over 275,000 citizens. This shows that ignoring debt is dangerous, detrimental to your wealth, and can cause long-term consequences.

Fortunately, relief companies help individuals resolve any unpaid debt. These helpful companies use programs given by the IRS to help eliminate your debt, giving you peace of mind and solving your financial crisis.

When should I use tax resolution services?

Tax resolution services, also known as tax relief companies, help individuals who are struggling as taxpayers to repay owed money to the IRS. Whether from past years of not paying their taxes, or simply not filing, thousands of people are ‘in trouble’ with the IRS and owe money to the government.

Tax resolution services help by negotiating with the IRS on your behalf. Although these are paid services when you think about how much money you could owe in back payment to the IRS, plus the potential fees for nonpayment, working with a tax relief company is a lucrative and smart option to reduce your debt.

If you hire a trustworthy and well-reviewed tax relief services company to help you out of your sticky situation, make sure you discuss with the tax relief agent the part they will play in the negotiation process. Ensure the agent has the skills to either settle with a compromise, installment plan, or penalty agreement with the IRS.

Hire a third party for help

When searching for tax resolution services, some individuals hire a third-party tax professional. If you are searching for those without an agency or not within a specific company, make sure the individual is a federally-authorized tax practitioner, has earned their Certified Public Accounts accreditation, or is a reputable attorney.

Preventing tax identity theft

The final part of the puzzle when trying to repay your debt to the IRS is ensuring your social security number and tax identity are secure. Make sure you are always on the look for any signs of theft that can drastically harm your financial standing. To help protect your tax identity during filing season, make sure you follow these tips:

  • Keep your social security card in a lockbox or safe place
  • Don’t give out your SS number, date of birth, or bank information to an unauthorized user over the phone or email
  • Use Identity Protection Pin from the IRS for extra protection


Although being in debt to the IRS can be confusing and overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be when using a tax relief company or tax resolution services. Professionals can help you negotiate with the IRS to lower your debt, come to an agreement, and set up a payment plan. By hiring a tax professional and safeguarding your important personal information, you can prevent any issues going forward with the IRS.

Story by Brad Bernanke

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