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Here are 5 benefits of taking zinc

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Zinc is an underrated gem—well, mineral. You may not have known, but zinc is vital for the proper functioning of our immune system, vision, prostate, and skin.

Zinc, a trace mineral, impacts almost every aspect of our hormones, like the thymus, insulin, growth, and sex hormones.

However, many people lack sufficient zinc, putting themselves at risk for the improper functioning of many of their bodies’ natural systems.

Here are just 5 of many zinc benefits.

Five benefits of taking zinc

Fighting the common cold

Zinc can significantly diminish a cold’s severity and length, according to numerous studies. Others, however, have claimed that its benefits are inconclusive.

However, a recent study in Finland conducted a study that found that doses of at least 75mg of zinc, taken daily, were effective in reducing the cold symptoms by 42 percent on average.

It’s recommended that you start taking zinc at the very first sign of a cold for best results.

Boosting immune health

Although we tend to think of vitamin C first when it comes to immune health—thanks to mass advertising by Emergen-C and Airborne—zinc might prove more beneficial.

One thorough study of seniors showed that those who supplemented daily with 45 mg of zinc ended up with much fewer infections and significantly lower oxidative stress levels than the participants assigned a placebo.

Healthier skin

Few people think of zinc when it comes to skin health, but it has a remarkable ability to heal wounds through its interaction with our platelets during the blood clotting process. It also helps with the regeneration of cells and protein synthesis.

Some studies have even shown that high doses of zinc rapidly increase healing time for all manner of wounds.

Better vision

The National Eye Institute conducted an incredible study that suggests that daily zinc supplements of 80 mg significantly reduced macular degeneration risk. This ailment is the number one cause of blindness in seniors.

Improved sense of smell

Anosmia—no, my cat didn’t walk across the keyboard. That’s the medical term for the inability to smell correctlyregarding, an issue that a lack of zinc may cause.

Be careful if you consider a zinc nasal spray—although they have shown effectiveness for limiting cold severity, they have also been connected to anosmia.

Don’t think! Take zinc.

With all these benefits, it’s clear that zinc is a hugely important mineral for our health. Make sure that there is zinc in your multivitamin, and seek out a zinc supplement.

Just be careful not to take too much—toxicity is shown with an extended intake of 150 mg daily. You also want to supplement your zinc intake with additional copper, as these two compete for absorption, and zinc supplementation may result in a copper deficiency.

In addition to vitamin supplements, here are a few ways that you can add zinc to your diet:

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Ginger root
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains
  • Oysters

An excellent daily minimum to aim for with zinc is 30 mg, with an additional 2mg of copper to help balance it out.

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