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Everything you need to know about hurricane windows

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Hurricane windows are safer than regular windows and can withstand severe weather conditions better than standard glass. A hurricane glass (also known as laminated) is used in place of standard windows. Hurricane glass is made to resist extreme winds and protect from wind-borne debris.

What are hurricane windows?

It consists of two pieces made from glass and a flexible but strong polymer layer between. This layer of polymer is designed to protect your home’s interior from wind and rain, regardless of whether the glass is broken by flying debris. It keeps the glass from breaking up into sharp, large pieces which could cause injury to those who remain in the home.

For impact resistance, a sturdy frame is also important. To ensure the best performance, impact windows should be properly installed. Impact windows that come with pre-drilled holes are included to help you install your windows precisely, give you peace of mind, and provide exceptional performance. You can simply close and lock your windows to protect yourself from the damaging effects of the storm.

Who needs impact windows?

If you live in a state that is prone to hurricanes, your county and state building codes may mandate hurricane-proof windows or hurricane-proof doors for new construction. Because of the increased frequency of tropical storms or hurricanes, more homeowners are opting to have hurricane impact windows installed. Karoly Windows & Doors has a range of window options to suit your needs.

What benefits come from hurricane impact windows?

You can expect many benefits from hurricane-proof windows. They may even save you money. Here’s a list of benefits you can get from installing impact-resistant Windows:

Hurricane protection

The hurricane impact glass is much stronger than standard glass windows. A strong polymer layer is placed between the panes. Wind-borne debris and wind can cause severe damage to your home and windows during storms. The wind can force the windows to break, which can lead to severe damage. It can also lift the roof or cause structural damage.

This window is strengthened by hurricane impact glass and reinforced hurricane window frames. Even if some of the glass breaks, the laminated layer will hold it in place. Vinyl frames of hurricane windows will resist breaking or being bent by flying debris..

Noise reduction

Another benefit of hurricane-resistant windows is noise reduction. Your home’s interior will be significantly quieter with hurricane-proof windows. Say goodbye to barking dogs and lawnmowers, as well as traffic noise.

Solar protection

Multi-layer impact glass also offers solar protection. This protects your family from the damaging effects of sun rays, which can cause window treatments to fade, flooring to be damaged, and skin damage.

Energy efficiency

Impact-resistant windows are made of three layers of glass. This makes them extremely efficient and can help you cut down on your heating and cooling costs. These hurricane-proof windows are known for their exceptional energy performance and tight seals. They keep the heat outside and the cool inside on hot Florida days.

Safety and security

These windows are hurricane-proof and offer security and safety. A window or door is the most common way an intruder can enter a home. Hurricane glass is stronger than traditional glass, it keeps any unwanted intruders outside of your home.

Reducing insurance costs

Your insurance premiums can be reduced by installing hurricane impact glass in your home. Companies offer reduced rates for hurricane windows that are installed throughout your house. Make sure to check with your insurance agent.

Increase your home’s value

You can increase the value of your home by installing hurricane impact windows in hurricane-prone areas.

Weather performance

Hurricane-resistant windows offer exceptional weather resistance. They can withstand water and wind and can be trusted to deliver.

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