Democrats raise issue with anti-Muslim statement from Virginia Republican Party official

Democrat vs. Republican on whiteVirginia Democrats are calling on Republican Senate candidate Ed Gillespie to condemn a Facebook post from Republican Party of Virginia treasurer Bob FitzSimmonds suggesting that Muslims have contributed nothing to the American social fabric.

The post, since removed from FitzSimmonds’ profile, riffed on a proclamation from President Obama on Sunday, at the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, thanking Muslim-Americans for their contributions.

“It is one thing to be gracious on religious holidays, but this is pure nonsense,” wrote FitzSimmonds. “Exactly what part of our nation’s fabric was woven by Muslims? What about Sikhs, Animists and Jainists? Should we be thanking them, too?”

“I urge my fellow Virginians to join me in condemning the bigoted remarks of Republican Party of Virginia Treasurer Bob FitzSimmons. This hateful language has no place in any organization and is extremely offensive to Virginians practicing the religions FitzSimmons discredited in his post,” Democratic Party of Virginia executive director Robert Dempsey said.

“Specifically, I call on our Republican Senate candidate, Ed Gillespie, to denounce his fellow party member FitzSimmons’ comments and call for his resignation.”



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