Debunking a common hearing loss myth

hearing healthcareA common hearing loss myth goes like this: “If I had a hearing loss, my family doctor would have told me.”

Not true! For starters, only 13 percent of physicians routinely screen for hearing loss during a physical.

Just as important: since most people with hearing impairments hear well in a quiet environment like a doctor’s office, it can be virtually impossible for your physician to recognize the extent of your problem.

Without special training, and an understanding of the nature of hearing loss, it may be difficult for your doctor to even realize that you have a hearing problem.


Hearing aids: Hearing Healthcare of Virginia

Hearing Healthcare of Virginia is offering complimentary hearing screenings at its six locations in the Shenandoah Valley and Central Virginia – Charlottesville, Covington, Culpeper, Fishersville, Harrisonburg, and Lexington.

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