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Chris Graham: The fall guy

So Todd Akin is the bad guy here. Interesting.

Mitt Romney wants Akin to drop out of the Missouri Senate race. Paul Ryan called Akin to try to coax him into quitting in the wake of his comments about “legitimate rape” and his frightening backward belief that rapes can’t result in pregnancies because the female body has a way of shutting that process down.

The American Crossroads super PAC is pulling any and all funding for the Akin challenge to Missouri Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill. As is the Republican Party.

Because his comments are his and his alone.

Except that the GOP just finished up its work on a party platform for the upcoming 2012 election cycle. And what did it have to say about the right of a woman to seek an abortion in the case of rape?

The sound you hear is crickets chirping.

It said nothing. The plank on the party platform on abortion gives no quarter. Not in the case of rapes, not in the case of incest, not even to protect the life of the mother.

“We just affirm our belief that human life should be protected and supported and we call for a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which has been part of the platform for, I think, 20 years,” Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell told the Washington Post.

That would be “Transvaginal Bob” McDonnell, whose Virginia GOP wanted to mandate that women in Virginia receive invasive ultrasounds before they could get an abortion.

This from a bunch that has been howling for two years about Obamacare representing the government overstepping its bounds.

This is why Republicans are doing everything they can to distance themselves from Todd Akin. He violated the terms of the agreement, in a manner of speaking. It’s perfectly OK to be a social extremist as long as you play the game of acting like it’s all really about the economy and jobs and protecting the American people from government intrusion.

All Todd Akin did was say out loud what he and Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and Bob McDonnell are thinking.

And for that, he ends up the fall guy.

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