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CBD for energy: Everything you need to know

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Cannabidiol, or CBD is now well-known as being a ‘cure-all’ for a number of everyday stresses, aches and pains. While more consumers use the beneficial cannabinoid, and as more research is conducted on the compound – we seemingly find out more and more about CBD’s effects and potential uses. One area of use that has so far been debated by users and experts alike, is CBD’s influence on the sleep/wake cycle.

Some consumers rave about the relaxing qualities that CBD can provide, while unwinding at night or just before sleep. Others note that CBD for energy and focus is effective, and producing motivational types of effects. So, which is true? Here, we’ll dive deep into answering the question – can CBD give you energy? And if so, just how?

How CBD works

To understand how or why CBD can affect energy and sleep, it’s important to understand how the cannabinoid works in general. When consuming CBD, the compound enters the body and influences the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a lesser-known body system that actually wasn’t discovered until researchers began investigating how cannabis worked. In the early 90’s, scientists found this network of messengers or neurotransmitters, called endocannabinoids.

It’s no surprise, cannabinoids act similarly to endocannabinoids and interact with this system of neurotransmitters. But, what exactly do they do? The neurotransmitters that comprise the ECS send messages throughout the body in an attempt to maintain ‘homeostasis’. Homeostasis is the overall feeling of ‘well-being’ or feeling well. Since then, the science community has discovered that the ECS is pivotal in influencing a number of normal body functions – including, the sleep/wake cycle, energy metabolism and even learning, and memory.

CBD for energy

Since the ECS is crucial in regulating the body’s sleep/wake cycle, you can guess what that means. It affects both your ability to fall asleep, and feel alert and awake. Which is leading the medical community to believe that CBD has a biphasic effect. Meaning, people experience different effects from CBD depending on the dose they individually take. So, CBD for energy and focus is achievable, but dosages will vary from person to person.

So far, a few studies have been conducted to prove this theory. The results include –

  • In 2017, a review concluded higher doses of CBD have a more sedative effect, while lower doses of CBD have a more stimulating effect.
  • Other researchers further proved this with an actual dosage recommendation. They found dosages of 15 mg or less have effects that promote alertness, while higher doses can increase the overall duration of sleep.
  • One last study focused just on energy, and found that CBD was an effective wake-promoting agent, but that results varied from person to person per their individual body response to CBD.
  • Further investigation of just how CBD can promote energy proved the cannabinoid has unique interactions with specific parts of the brain. One study proved CBD can enhance protein synthesis in the hypothalamus, which is an area responsible for mental alertness.
  • It’s also been found that CBD has unique interactions with serotonin receptors. Although CBD doesn’t boost levels of serotonin, it positively interacts with specific receptors that are responsible for how the brain reacts to serotonin. Serotonin is well-known for affecting one’s mood, focus and energy levels which may be an indirect way that CBD oil for energy and focus, is effective.

These studies go to show that yes, CBD oil for energy and focus is affected. Consumers should just know that a CBD dose for energy is lower than that to fall asleep, and of course, will vary depending on a person’s unique reaction to the cannabinoid.

How to use CBD for energy

If you’re new to CBD or just discovering its variety of effects to improve everyday life – how can you find the appropriate dose of CBD for energy and focus for you? Start experimenting and journaling, while doing so. This is a common practice amongst new medical marijuana users, and can be just as beneficial for those venturing into the variety of CBD uses and effects. Because there is a wide range of CBD oil products + CBD oil strengths, and types, journaling can help lead you to the ideal dosage and type that works best for you.

Many can get frustrated with CBD when first trying it, claiming it makes no difference, or they can’t feel any of its effects.  Don’t worry – we have an answer for that too, that journaling can help. Your body will take its time getting acclimated to the new levels of cannabinoids that are entering your system. This acclimation time often makes it seem like CBD isn’t working. Experts recommend continuing consistent, daily use of CBD for 2 weeks to 30 days, increasing the dosages as you go. During this time, journaling how each dose affects you will show a gradual effectiveness, and allow you to adjust the dosage for focus or energy where necessary.

Also keep in mind that metabolism, stomach contents and body weight can all affect your body’s ability to absorb CBD to the fullest. So, when tracking your CBD dosages to find your sweet spot for energy, be sure to note if your weight has fluctuated and if you took your dose on any empty stomach or not.

The verdict: CBD for energy

As it turns out, CBD is that dynamic and versatile cannabinoid that has a wide range of uses. Even for opposite effects, like falling asleep and feeling more awake. When choosing which CBD brand to explore its benefits with, it’s always recommended going with a trusted, reliable and third-party verified product to ensure you’re getting the highest quality CBD oil for effective benefits.

So, check out Nature’s Pure premium collection of CBD goods that are manufactured specifically for the type of healing that nature can provide. Nature’s Pure offers a wide selection of varying CBD goods, ideal for any type of consumer. Including THC free options, like CBD isolate, and our most popular broad-spectrum oil. Begin your natural path to feeling better, and more alert now, with Nature’s Pure.

Story by Jonathan Hope

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