Baidu: The Google of China

online printingBaidu, known as the Google of China, is one of the most popular search engines in the world. This is, however, despite the fact that Baidu’s use is only in Asia. This leaves us wondering how much popularity Baidu will rake in after global usage is considered.

What is Baidu?

Baidu is a result of a start-up that was started in 2000 by 2 entrepreneurs. Since the time of its launch, the company has managed to grow rapidly within the last decade. They are the largest technology company in China. Not only do they major in search engines, but they also specialize in Artificial Intelligence and self-driving cars.

Why the Google of China?

The main reason why Baidu is referred to as the Google of China is that Google is the S.I Unit for search engines. Google sets the trends and every other search engine follows. Therefore for Baidu to be referred to as the Google of China shows how much impact it has in China. To add on to that, since Googles is banned in China, it makes sense that Baidu fits in perfectly. The questions is since most casinos are English and originated from the US, does the best online casinos for us players show on the search engine?

Baidu processes 70% of China’s internet searches and considering that China has a population of more than 1.4 billion that is many people. This would also explain why Baidu is among the top 10 of the most used search engines.

Going public in 2005, Baidu has employed over 40 000 people. However, the company has had a few fallouts with the government of China. This was because of the republics strict censorship policy.

Baidu is also a major stakeholder in iQIYI, which is the Netflix of China. Unlike Google, Baidu seems to have so much more going on. Baidu has also research centres for AI in Seattle, Beijing, and the Silicon Valley. Collaborating with major companies like Microsoft in the construction of self-driving cars.

Baidu in the next 5 years…

With the way that things are going for Baidu, we are sure that in the next 5 years the will have outgrown many search engines. But internet trends are not something to bet real money on. They are just too volatile.



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