Airtame improves communication in business environments

Technological innovations have taken roots in the whole world and continuously evolving each day. Technology has been crucial to the operating speed and organization of conference or meeting rooms at workplaces. The changes are as a result of handheld computing devices, wireless displays, and cloud-based sharing among others.

All organizations desire to have less cluttered meeting rooms by eliminating all cables if possible. Airtame is the best solution to enhance a smooth workflow. It provides a wireless display in which organizations can reach their partners, employees, prospects, and customers. It is easy to set as it plugs into any projector of TV allowing people to connect wireless via their computers or mobile devices. As a result, the cables are minimized giving the meeting/conference room a professional look.

The fact that Airtame is compatible with a variety of operating systems including iOS, Linux, Android, Mac OS, and Windows make it more intriguing. This cross-platform capability makes it ideal for use in any business setting where the employees have a variety of devices.

This wireless display has gained popularity with the homescreen apps. Its platform agnostic capability makes it more attractive from a business point of view as different employees have different gadgets.

Airtame also supports digital signage functionalities. As a result, it gives a room for more dynamic, engaging, and appealing work-spaces. The Airtame team has created four native homescreen apps with World Clock, Unsplash, Trello, and Google Slides.

With Google Slides, it is possible for employees to create and edit their presentations online. It can be used to present notes around the office, new hires, and any other relevant content that the employees should be aware of.

World Clock helps the organization with keeping track of time, especially when the employees of customers are in different time zones. Unsplash provides beautiful images that are of high-quality and function as screensavers on the standby mode for screens. With these images, an organization can create a creative and inspiring working environment for the employees.

The Trello app, on the other hand, provides the business with a platform where they can connect their own Trello project boards directly to the monitor for improved organization, planning, and project updates.

Digital signage featured in Airtame, allows a company to control and customize their content centrally before distributing it to one or many displays. They can run relevant information such as the company’s calendar, images, and written messages.

A wireless display allows the company to share the right information with the intended people and the intended time. The information can be anything meaningful for the new hires, lunch menu, or any other relevant business information. As a result, there will be a seamless workflow due to improved communication, increased morale and improved productivity as well.

The Airtame Cloud allows IT admins to have a simple overview of all their Airtame-connected screens, and optimize what content/digital signage is being showcased to each screen, when no one is actively using the screens. Additionally, the Airtame Cloud allows for easy troubleshooting and device maintenance.

To be able to connect to Airtame is simple. Each employee is required to download the Airtame app on his/her distinct device to be able to share tasks or presentation on the bigger screen. For visiting guests, they can connect to Airtame online via Windows Guest App. It allows them to have a pleasant experience at the workplace as it is fast and makes it easy for them to locate their tasks. It provides them with streaming notification to remind whoever is presenting that they are still streaming and once through with their presentations, they can cancel it.


Installing Airtame in your workplace unlocks a new approach to wireless displays, and hopefully, an improved way of working collaboratively. The Airtame app enhances efficient and seamless workflow reducing the hassle of IT admins, who move up and down trying to fix cables and other related issues.

Airtame is a great device that every organization should embrace. It is simple to use plus management and maintenance can take place remotely – or through the comfort of a desk – through the use of cloud management.


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