4 major football stats and why they should matter

football soccerStatistics help to accurately summarize lengthy football games and even get an idea of how the teams will perform in the future. There are many statistics you will see at the end of a game, but most of these don’t really tell you any useful information about the participating teams.

So, what metrics should you use to decide which team would win in a future match?

  1. Shots on Target Ratio

Statistics on the shots on target ratios can help you beat gambling sites like rivalo. The ratio is calculated by taking the total number of a team’s shots on target, and diving this figure by the number of shots that they have yielded. The resulting figure will give you a better idea of how good the team’s attack and defense are. A good football team should be taking more shots on target than they yield as that gives them more chances to score.

  1. Key Passes

Key passes are also good stats that can help you predict the winner of a football match. This metric summarizes the skills of the strikers in each team. The key pass is the one that is made just before another player takes the scoring shot. The quality of the key pass will determine the probability that a player will make a successful shot. Statistics on key passes are based on the number of times that a player creates perfect chances for the final striker to score.

  1. Big Chance

Big chance is another metric that can help you gauge the capacity of a team to win upcoming matches. This is simply the number of perfect opportunities that a striker gets. The opportunity may be tied to the key pass made by another player. If the strikers consistently waste their big chances, the team is unlikely to end up on top. Also, if a team has many big chances, you can conclude that their strikers are imaginative in their scoring strategy. It is important to note that big chances are not just any shots on target. The opportunity has to be one-on-one, or at least the player should be in very close range. In such instances, the striker would be reasonably expected to score.

  1. Possession

Possession is one of the key statistics used to calculate a team’s chance of winning. Good teams are more likely to keep the ball in their possession for a long time in the game, and that gives them more chances to score. Also, higher possession rates mean the team is less likely to concede shots. It is important to note that statistics on possession are more useful in highly skilled teams.

Football statistics can help you predict the outcome of a game with reasonable levels of accuracy. Important stats to track include the possession, shots on target ratio, key passes, and big chances. A good team will consistently rank highly in all these four metrics. You should note that following a single statistic may mislead you since it will not necessarily provide you with context.

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