Putin’s epic Trump troll

Gotta give it to that Vladimir Putin. Dude has President Trump over a barrel. Again.

donald trumpHow about that epic troll today – Putin offering to provide the U.S. news media with a transcript of the controversial White House meeting of Trump and Russian diplomats in which it has been alleged (and confirmed by the Tweeter-in-Chief) that Trump divulged confidential intelligence.

This on top of the fact that only the state Russian news agency, Tass, was allowed into the meeting, ostensibly to snap photos.

Yeah, sure, uh, huh.

Before you ask the question, How in the sam hill would Putin be able to get his hands on a transcript of a White House meeting, just assume that you know the answer.

We’re talking a transcript here. Not notes, like James Comey put to paper in apparently copious detail after his meetings and phone calls with Trumps.

One can dispute someone’s notes. Transcripts are a whole ‘nother matter.

You have to record an interaction to be able to come up with something called a transcript.

So, what Putin is telling us is, he has access to a recording of the meeting at the White House.

Right? Otherwise, how is he offering a transcript?

That’s the first highlight of the Putin troll of Trump: the signal to the U.S. president that the Russians snooped on him in his own Oval Office, right in front of him.

The second highlight of the troll: Trump is in trouble, and he needs Putin to save him.

If you didn’t think before that Trump is somehow beholden to the Russians, Putin just made it abundantly, and very publicly, clear.

Column by Chris Graham

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