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Wisconsin man thanks Waynesboro for help with car accident, aftermath

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Sometimes good deeds are repaid. Thirty-two years ago, I helped a family involved in a collision near my home. Though complete strangers at the time, I helped the family in a difficult moment, provided aid, minimized their trauma and arranged for their loved ones to come to their assistance.

I have had a clean driving record all my adult life. No tickets and no accidents. That was true until August 8th, when I was involved in a collision where the vehicle I was driving with my wife and daughter rolled over on a Virginia highway near Waynesboro.

I am so thankful to those in the Waynesboro community who came to the aid of me and my family and the driver of the other vehicle before emergency and rescue could arrive in the immediate aftermath of that unfortunate event. The assistance of the good citizens of the Waynesboro community provided relief and comfort to me and my family, even helping transport our possessions from the highway to a hotel, and helping me with transportation arrangements to get back home to Wisconsin. They were certainly a silver lining in what was otherwise a very difficult day.

In this time of Thanksgiving I am ever grateful for the personal sacrifice the good citizens made for me and my family, who were complete strangers at that time. They were certainly impactful.

Thank you, Waynesboro, for your good deeds.

Bill Korducki resides in Burlington, Wisc.