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Why you should be running video ads on Facebook

Social media marketing is among the top priority for almost every company’s online marketing plan, with good reason. Social media is a huge part of everyone’s daily life and there is a very high chance that your target audience is on it. It provides companies, both big and small, a wonderful opportunity to directly connect and interact with their audience. It also gives you a relatively inexpensive way to build brand awareness and drum up buzz for a product launch. So, running social media ads is one of the best ways to get your company noticed by your target demographic.

While there are multiple social media platforms out there, Facebook is definitely dominating the market. Facebook is a place where users publicly post their personal information (like age and location of users) and the levels of activity on this platform is incomparable. It also enjoys active participation from demographics of all ages. All these factors make it the perfect choice for marketers – you can easily find out a large number of people who might be interested in your products.

But what makes Facebook ads so special?

The cog that makes it all come together is the power of Facebook’s ad targeting. Facebook allows you to set the exact parameters you want in an amazingly microscopic level. This kind of focused targeting puts your company ads only in front of your target audience. Unlike some other platforms or marketing channels, you’re in complete control of your social marketing strategy.

The best part is that Facebook video ads are also much more affordable than other kinds of marketing channels. You can pause and tweak the parameters whenever you want. You can also replicate a custom audience to find newer people with similar lifestyle factors and interests. Since you pay for what you market, you can save precious money by marketing your product with a higher focus.

Let’s now get to the main part: why video ads?

When compared with images and text, video ads grab and retain your viewer’s attention much more quickly and effectively. Since the average attention span has reduced to just eight seconds, it’s vital to get your viewer’s attention as quickly as possible. And Facebook helps your company by putting a spotlight on your video content. So, with the combination of these attributes, you are bound to see a significant spike in your metrics.

But why are video ads so compelling? No matter how simple or complex, video ads help get your message across. Whether it’s to state your brand mission, explain your services or launch a new product, videos make it easier to communicate your ideas. While you can stretch your videos longer, keep your message succinct to maximize engagement. Videos are a winning combination of both text and images – visuals are processed by the brain faster than text and moving images keeps audiences interested.


Facebook lets you run video ads on news feeds

Imagine this scenario: you’re someone who has been active on social media for a long time. After a while, you are bound to become a restless user who speedily scrolls through their news feed.

This is your ideal viewer as your audience needs to be on Facebook regularly to watch your video ads. The downside is that they’re impatient viewers who won’t tolerate lazy writing, low production values or bad editing techniques. Facebook video ads need to be captivating from the beginning and they need to enthrall the viewer until the end.

You also need to infuse impactful emotions into your videos within 15 – 20 seconds. Make your videos worthy of your viewer’s time since you don’t want to spam them with advertisements. After all, you just have one shot to impress your viewer through the precious space you get on news feeds. So, it’s up to you and your team to make it count.

Facebook enables marketers to run retargeted marketing videos

Facebook allows for some impressive features that can help you gain as many views as possible for every dollar spent. Facebook video ads come in many varieties: in-stream video ads, news feed ads, sponsored video ads, live video ads, etc. Depending on your budget and marketing requirements, you can choose the kinds of video ads you want to run.

Facebook video ads also allow for retargeting your ads. If a particular viewer watched your video for a longer duration, Facebook would allow you to retarget that potential customer with more optimized ads. So, you can really focus your ads only on the people who are interested in your company. Since they were interested in your products, the likelihood of a sale after watching your retargeted video ad is much higher.

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Run optimized Facebook video ads to witness the best engagement levels

Since the average attention spans of your target audience are getting smaller, you don’t have much time to hook your viewers. So, you need to optimize your videos to get the best results. One of the most important aspects of video optimization is to grab your viewer’s attention within the first 3 seconds. You might need to keep tweaking the contents of your videos to get it right. Also, keep adjusting the parameters till you see satisfactory results.

However, there is a lot of advanced analytics that dictates how you should create videos to ensure social media marketing success. You can learn more about how to run optimized Facebook video ads by contacting a professional video production company. They can provide you with the guidance you need to excel at creating and marketing your business’s content.



There are many benefits to running video ads on Facebook. You can easily change and customize your campaigns and your target audience whenever you want. Facebook marketing tools are packed with many nifty features that let you adjust and focus your online marketing expenditure. This enables you to concentrate on your core target demographic, which yields much higher returns. Leverage the full power of Facebook marketing by successfully running optimized video ads.

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