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Why North Carolina is a popular place to retire

Photo Credit: fotosipsak/iStock Photo

Anyone considering a move interstate for retirement would be told or read about North Carolina as being an option worthy of serious consideration. The state has seen an influx of retirees leaving other parts of the United States of America with a desire to improve their future and settle in this beautiful state. But why is North Carolina such a popular place to retire in? Here are the reasons more people are choosing the Tar Heel State:

Excellent Tax Incentives for Retirees

The state is an attractive one for seniors as it has outstanding tax breaks for retirees. There is also no State Estate Tax and a minimum corporate income tax. For retirees interested in establishing their own enterprises in an atmosphere with minimal taxes, the state ticks those boxes.

Sheer Natural Beauty

If you have worked your life in a busy city with incessant noise and activity, a move to the peace and quiet enjoyed in North Carolina would be a welcome change. With more than 300 miles of unspoiled beaches, North Carolina offers you a lifetime of relaxation. Either you want a casual outing for you and your spouse or an entire vacation for your family, the state has it all as far stunning natural sites of attraction are concerned.

The talk of natural beauty in North Carolina is definitely incomplete without mentioning the Outer Banks. One of the most popular sites for tourist attraction, retiring in the vicinity of the Outer Banks is surely the dream of many. From climbing sand dunes to touring historic lighthouses to engaging in various beach activities, the Outer Banks has the magic!

Great Weather

Unlike some other states with bitterly cold winters, North Carolina has an enjoyable climate. Its average climatic conditions mean four separate seasons. So, you can enjoy the fantastic summers on the beaches, the scenery in fall, brave the winter in the high grounds and watch the sparkling blooms in spring – all in one state!

No Outrageous Cost of Living

Housing is a major issue in many states of the country but when it comes to North Carolina, you can be sure you do not have to rob a bank before you lay your hands on some high-quality outer banks real estate. The cost of living in North Carolina is remarkably lower when compared to what obtains in other parts of the state. Apart from real estate, costs of other things like utilities and transport are also lower. Many retirees are conscious of spending and will always seek the best economic deal – hence, many of them prefer North Carolina.

Haven of Sports

For those looking to remain active through retirement, there are plenty of options to remain physically active.  Irrespective of the kind of sports that you are into, North Carolina has the best package for you. Boasting of almost two dozen professional and minor league teams, the state is a leader in football and has a strong presence in hockey, basketball, baseball, and others. As a senior, you will not have a dull moment at the pitch in the Tar Heel State.