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What can you do with homeland security degree?

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Security has become a major talking point in today’s world, and anything and everything and is related to it. Such importance has security gained in the past few years that countries that are the most secured seem to be the ones that are getting the most influx of trade and other resources. Be it any form commercial, social, or any other construct, countries that are secured the most are the ones that have to lead in such developments.

Things changed drastically after the 9/11 event, and within a short period, the dynamics of the world changed with it as well. With a rising influx of threats coming in that might have harmed the global security and that of the US, the entire climax needed to be changed as well. As such, under the central leadership Department of Homeland Security was formed. To prevent and eliminate the internal threat that may arise, homeland security soon flung into action. It started to spread its wings and soon understand its shade it took many other federal organizations which included Customs and Border Protection, Customs Enforcement, Secret Service, US Coastal Guards, and others. All these organizations working together had one aim, to protect the US and its interests. With more and more focus being put in towards internal security, a homeland security degree online puts your career in the right direction where you will be well compensated for your services and have the opportunity to grow as well.

Career Description and Duties

The Department of Homeland Security administers more than 22 federal agencies and with an annual budget of over $100 billion while employing more 200,000 federal employees all working under the unison and the strict of watch of US government can flex a heavy muscle when it comes to owning resources. Intending to protect the nation against terrorism, and other disasters, whether they are human or natural. There are always on the lookout for qualified individuals who can work for them and help them achieve the greater good. So, if you are pursuing a degree in homeland security, you have a wide range of options to choose from. Some jobs might be in the law enforcement and the counter-terrorism agencies where you need your physical prowess and strength and need to play an active and fit role. While others would demand less physicality and even people who are not actively fit can work in them. Your opportunities are limitless, and most people make careers in these agencies, which include disaster response unit, infrastructure management, and protection and lastly intelligence bureau. On a closer and more detailed look, these are the top jobs in Homeland security. These include:

The Secret Service

A career in secret service is extremely lucrative, and with an average salary of over $130,000 annually, it is an extremely popular and rewarding field. It is the ideal job for those who look for challenges and constantly want to improve themselves. Their job is to protect the US, Its leaders, and its citizen. Additionally, the dimensions of work can stretch as well because of the threats and challenges faced due to technological advancement. Their work even includes protection from financial frauds, counterfeiting, as well as credit and bank card frauds. This service is extremely demanding, and to be part of it, you need to go through a series of stringent testing, various challenges including background checks, series of interviews, drug screening, polygraphic testing and other physical checks. Furthermore, you have to be US citizens aged over 21 years to even apply for the position. You are judged based on levels of skills, experience and the position that you are applying to. Once you are in, you go through rigorous training and severe challenges to make you ready and prep up for the task. Additionally, these agents are well compensated for their job and are given fringe benefits like affordable life insurance, paid holidays and retirement benefits.

Civil Engineers

The department of Homeland Security is in constant lookout for the brightest civil engineers, especially those who can help them in their endeavours. With an average salary of over $120,000, it is another bright field to pursue your career in. You are expected to have a bachelor’s degree and a valid practising license before you apply for the job. Their expertise and advice are required during the construction of airports, subways, tunnels, and waterways. Additionally, they are tasked with the duty of construction and maintenance as well. So, if you are a civil engineer, your future is bright.

US Postal Service Inspector

Postal Service Inspectors have a long history behind them and dating back to the 1700s since the Declaration of Independence, and they are tasked with the duty of preventing frauds and different crimes that might come enact through postal service. These crimes can be of various degrees, and an inspector has to protect more than 500,000 employees who are working under him as well as carefully screen trillions of packages and mails that come his way. This job requires extreme vigilance and training where you are expected to have a bachelor’s degree to apply for this position. Additionally, you need to be of the 21 and no older than the 37 years old. This is also an extremely well-paying job where you are expected to make over $110,000 per year.

Fraud Inspectors

Fraud Inspectors come in handy during the phase of an ongoing trial or investigation. They are tasked with the responsibility of managing the investigation, finding evidence as well as gather critical information which would support the conclusive evidence of the trial. This field requires you to have an experience of 7 to 10 years while working as an investigator on either Federal, State or Municipal level. You are expected to be flexible for travelling. These jobs have a mean salary of over $110,000

Central Intelligence Agent

This is one of the most interesting career options where you are required to be extremely flexible and dynamics in the changing environment. To apply for the position, not only you need to have a bachelor’s degree in homeland security but as well be a US citizen over the age of 21. Additionally, you are expected to pass a series of background and physical tests, including a polygraph and a medical test. Furthermore, you are tasked with the protection of the US and its interests at home and abroad. It is a well compensating job where you make an average salary of $110,000 annually and have a healthy retirement package

The final thought

Pursuing a bachelor’s program is a good start if you are planning a career in homeland security. It has a wide range of jobs encompassing from border patrol agents, to detective, to immigration and deportation agents. The road is wide and with a valuable degree and some experience you can make headways in this field.

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