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Ways to boost your company’s website ranking

If you’ve recently had a rebrand or a website redesign, then it’s extremely likely that you’ll want to show the world what you have to offer in its new and impressive form. There are a number of ways that will hopefully see your business’ new platform rise to the top of people’s search engine results. With the right expertise, these are some methods that can and should be followed.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO techniques can change over time, and that often comes down to how and when Google decides to change the rules on how sites are ranked. In recent years, the search engine giant has become far more punitive when it comes to eliminating websites that over-use SEO techniques. Aside from using backlinks and keywords that are relevant to your search results, it’s even recommended that you optimize your website for voice search. If you’re wondering how SEO developed websites can help your business, then it’s worth exploring each technique and what it does for page rankings.

Great content

While you may become evangelical users of SEO techniques, it’s no use applying these to poorly-written or badly displayed content. Using low-res pictures and articles that are littered with spelling and grammar mistakes will see your website slide down the rankings as users cease to interact with the pages on your site.

Taking the time to hire someone to create compelling content might just be a good investment for your search engine rankings. For example, if you want to feature a blog on your website, then ensuring that these are relevant and timely will help to guarantee that people flock to your website for the information they provide. Any landing pages should also be informative and readable.

Customer engagement

Keeping visitors on your site for longer is the first battle, but keeping them engaged is another. Ensuring that your website is easy to navigate through and answers any potential questions will make customers feel welcome and listened to. If your company has a community of loyal customers or those who follow your brand, pointing them to forums and social media is vital to keep them engaged. Comment and review sections give you an opportunity to not only keep your customers feeling valued, but to also understand a little more about the service your company offers. Seeing positive reviews on social media platforms, and even using these as quotes on your platforms, will encourage anyone considering using your company’s services to investigate further.

If your service is quite complex, then installing a chatbot will help to add an extra customer service feature that might just put you ahead of competitors. Chatbots are being touted as the future of customer service on online platforms thanks to their ability to keep data for future questions and be relatively cheap in the long-run. If your customer service team is already inundated or is relatively small, then this could be a great way to not only boost your website’s ranking, but also take some pressure off your workforce.

Smooth running

Does your website take an eternity to load? Is it cluttered with pop-up ads that make accessing the content a nightmare for passing users? Will it even load on a mobile phone? All of these faults could put off today’s internet users – convenience is key, and if sluggishness interrupts that convenience, then you might find your website being ranked poorly in search engine results. Statistics show that the share of mobile phone traffic in 2017 was 50.3%, and this is on the increase. With mobile phone traffic increasing exponentially each year, it only makes sense for web pages to do the same by being completely accessible on each platform.

Boosting your company’s ranking is partly to do with search engine algorithms and partly to appease the people who visit your site. Those who gained something by visiting your site are much more likely to return to it or send others to visit it too. Enlisting some expertise is the best way of understanding all the relevant techniques that are still applicable. After all, researching and understanding what makes for a well-made, informative website will be well worth the time and effort if you are spending more time at the top.

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