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Waynesboro on KKK flyers: Our hands are tied?

WaynesboroWaynesboro can do something about the KKK flyers thrown into several yards in the city last month.

Not talking about banning free speech here. You can’t ban free speech, no matter how hateful, racist, just plain dumb it might be.

But the city council can make it clear: we won’t tolerate that nonsense here.

Nothing is stopping city council from passing a resolution condemning the flyers, which declared support for ICE, and were signed by “Loyal White Knights.”

A resolution, yes, worth the paper it’s printed on, in one sense.

But in another: you’re standing on the right side of history.

A city council resolution condemning these idiots would speak for the city to the effect that, basically, KKK, hey, bugger off.

Instead: mumbo jumbo harrumph our hands are tied.

That whitesplainin’ from council members and city staff at last night’s city council meeting sent another message.

Hell, it’s basically an invitation.


Column by Chris Graham