Virginia Professional Fire Fighters endorse Terry McAuliffe for governor

terry mcauliffe2The Virginia Professional Fire Fighters announced its endorsement of Terry McAuliffe for governor during a press conference at old Fire Station 1 in Roanoke today.

“It’s time to have a governor who will look at the issues, hear from all sides, see what needs to be done in the interests of the citizens of Virginia and have the resolve to act on it,” said Virginia Professional Fire Fighters President Michael Mohler.

“Terry has an understanding of the needs of Virginia’s fire fighters and paramedics, what it takes to keep them safe on the job, and the rights, training and equipment we need to protect the public,” said Mohler.

For the past six years, Virginia fire fighters and paramedics have been seeking to provide a safer Virginia through advocacy for adequate funding for training and equipment and by promoting fair and equitable benefits for those who lay their lives on the line each day.

“Fire fighters have run into a stone wall with the current administration in getting the needs of public safety and fire fighter safety, health and fairness addressed.  We see Terry’s opponent adding stones to this obstruction.  It is time for that wall to come down and have someone in the Governor’s Mansion who will look at the issues, hear from all sides, see what needs to be done and have the resolve to get it done.”

McAuliffe joined fire fighters for a shift at a station in Fairfax County prior to the endorsement. “He did everything from riding the rigs to mopping the floors,” said Mohler. “He took the time to speak to us at our Legislative Conference in Richmond. His opponent was invited, but declined. Terry McAuliffe has earned our respect and, therefore, our endorsement.”

Before reaching its decision, the VPFF also sent questionnaires to the candidates so it could evaluate their positions on issues affecting fire fighters and paramedics and their health, safety and well-being.  Only McAuliffe responded.

The Virginia Professional Fire Fighter represents 7,000 professional fire fighters and paramedics across the Commonwealth.

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