Try these top tips to make your home summer-ready

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To different people, summer means a whole lot of things. To some, it is the best time of the year for gardening and house cleaning, while to several others, it’s the perfect time for grilling.

But regardless of the different perceptions around the season, one thing is certain; summer means more time outside. And a time to give your home some much needed sprucing.

But how can one plan ahead of the season and make your home summer ready?

I believe that’s the question that got you here, and you’re already eager to discover the HOWs, so let’s get at it.

Think ahead of the season

As we’ve earlier mentioned, the general perception around summer is that it is that time of the year for cleaning and maintenance. As such, many home maintenance and cleaning services offer great discounts during the summer months. Leverage this opportunity and prepare your house for summer. Some of the things to consider include house cleaning, garage checks, and repair, window washing, and even have your gutters checked out. Many of these offers often become available close to the turn of the season, so you need to constantly check with your maintenance or cleaning services to know when these offers drop. However, if they don’t, you should check around for services that do. Don’t worry; there are usually many of them there.

Prevent water damage

It is no news that summer brings with it heavy rain and thunderstorms in some regions, all of which might be damaging to your home, especially if there are some leaks or patches in your structure. To prepare your home for this, you should bring in a technician before the turn of the season to come to inspect the roof, siding, windows, doors, gutters, drainage, foundation, and other necessary areas of the house.

Anywhere there are trim needs to be inspected to make sure there are no cracks, leaks or worn away caulking. Inspecting and correcting this early might save you a lot of money on repairs from damage before the summer rain and storms arrive.

Check your cooling units

In case you need reminding, things can get pretty hot during the Summer season.

As such, you might have to rely on fans or air conditioning to cool your home.

To make these appliances ready for summer, check that they’re properly running before the season comes. If you are planning to run on AC, be sure to prepare for monthly filter cleaning, as this can help keep your energy bills down during summer.

Invest in a reliable wooden summer house

While fans and air conditioning are obviously needed to help keep the house cool during the summer season, we cannot deny the fact that their usage comes for a price. In come wooden summer houses!

Wooden summer houses, on the other hand, give you the perfect, cool temperature you desire without you needing to spend on energy bills. Just in case you didn’t know, wood is actually a natural insulator, and so it will be able to regulate the temperature of your summer house effectively. Not only will this save you a lot on your electricity bills, but it also represents a good way to spruce up your garden, too, as most wooden summer houses are usually planted in and around the gardens.

Furthermore, wooden summer houses are also renowned for their versatility, especially when you get yours from a reputable outlet such as City Centre Sheds. With the plethora of designs and styles available on the market today, you can get a wooden summer house that is not only sturdy and reliable for a living but can also serve the same purpose as timber workshops, storage barns, entertainment hub, personal spa, personal playroom, and even a garden office.

Summer is the time to retouch your painting

If you’ve been looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, repainting the exterior is certainly one of the many things you want to do.

Luckily for you, there’s no better time than summer to do that. But before you repaint the home, be sure to first pressure wash the exterior walls. This will help remove those dirt, mildew, and stains that paint can’t hide.

Trim shrubbery and trees

How can one think about sprucing their home without considering the trees and greeneries around the property? Cut down any tree, plants, weeds, or shrubs that touch your house. This is essential because during summer, the huge summer winds can cause any of these to rub up against the walls, fences, or sides of your property, thereby greatly damaging the siding, walls, or roof of your house. So to prevent against maintenance and/or repair cost, try to trim the trees, shrubs, and weeds around the house.

Pest control

Oh, did I forget to mention when we began this discussion that Summer also means more pest infestation? During the hot summer months, pests like fleas, rodents, bugs, and roaches are known to thrive better; as such, their degree of home invasion becomes more pronounced. To prepare your house against this, you should consider inspecting your property for cracks, holes, worn strips, check more from pest articles.

To further prevent pest invasion, you can also invest in some preventative insecticides. Spray them on your home exterior, foundations, entry points, and other parts of the home.

Fix your first aid box

As much as you might try to prevent those pesky monsters from invading your home, it’s not beyond them to still find a way to creep in. Most, especially insects like roaches, rodents, termites, mosquitoes, and bugs. Due to their activities and other summer allergies, it is not uncommon for people to suffer from some minor medical emergencies.

To prepare for this, you should throw out all the expired medication in your kit, visit your local drugstore to buy replacements, and get other relevant items for your first aid kit.

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