The rise of voice integration: How Alexa fits in

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Science fiction can be strangely fascinating at times. For the most part, the realm of science fiction is supposed to be unreachable, yet most of what was considered unattainable in the past is common in today’s digital age. The Internet alone deserves its own article on how it has connected humanity. There is also the use of touchpads, which is extremely common despite it being strictly in the realm of sci-fi decades back.

That said, there are also so-called gimmicks that made waves back in the day, but could not reach their potential due to a lack of technology. Voice assistants and proper voice integration is one such type of tech – though the introduction of Alexa to the world shows that it is just the right time for voice integration to make a comeback!

Why Alexa succeeds

Perhaps the biggest reason why Alexa is a success is due to the direction of modern technology. Today’s digital age is controlled by apps which most people use to make their lives more convenient. There are apps which handle transportation, as well as apps which handle dining and lifestyle. There are also apps which help with matters of business, and many others which specialise in dealing with specific scenarios.

While voice integration might not have been too popular back in the day, there was never really a means to fully utilise a voice assistant – until now. With Alexa, you can make use of voice requests for a whole slew of modern apps.

Fitting in no matter the lifestyle

The way in which Alexa skills development can be integrated into modern apps is why Alexa succeeds where all others have failed. For example, if you happen to be trying a new recipe in the kitchen, you can ask Alexa for help with the right app. You can have it set the atmosphere with music, as well as provide other recipes to help you make comparisons. If you happen to live a more active lifestyle, Alexa can be used to help track your vitals. It can plot jogging and biking routes with the right app, and it can suggest different types of workouts.

How Alexa fits in from a business standpoint

Aside from being able to market your brand with Alexa, it can also be utilised in the workplace. It can act as a virtual secretary and is fully capable of organising the work of most employees. Depending on how it is integrated into business software, it can be used to perform tasks during meetings, as well as remind you of important events. While avenues between Alexa and business are still being explored, the possibilities are endless.

There are some who would say that the use of voice assistants is simply a fad that will die out just like any other trend. However, Alexa is slowly but surely growing in popularity in a way that no other app has done before. It succeeds as a virtual assistant where others fail, and its ability to fit in means that the future is bright for voice integration.

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