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The increasing popularity of the dinner cruise in Dubai Marina

Each a high number of people from different parts of the world visit Dubai for various purposes such as business set up, trade, or even for a vacation. Whoever is here surely gets mesmerized by the tall buildings, skyscrapers, and city life. Apart from this, the Dubai market flourishes with some such items that attract the tourists in a huge way such as finely crafted gold jewelry, mouth-watering food items, various tourist spots to visit, amazing shopping options, and so on.

While Dubai is known for its modern culture and super elegant lifestyle, the place also offers the tourists and its locals to enjoy some great options such as the dinner cruise in Dubai Marina.

There are so many reasons that why tourists visiting Dubai make sure to have some time spent on the dinner cruise. Not just the tourists, even the locals love to spend their special events on the cruise from time to time. The increasing popularity of the dinner cruise has led it to be one of the most amazing attractions of the place. When you are getting a vacation package of Dubai, such a dinner cruise remains to be one of the elements in the package.

A New Concept of Celebrating Your Special Moment

A number of people may have the question in mind that what is so special about the cruise. Well, it is altogether a different experience to spend some of your special moments with your loved ones on a cruise in the middle of the sea.

Dubai Marina is a new place in Dubai that is surrounded by various tall buildings, yatches, and many other elements that makes the place highly sophisticated and interesting. Just imagine having dinner with your special one on the cruise, under the star-lit sky and having a view of the city lights from a distance. Isn’t it something extremely romantic? What else do you need to celebrate a special occasion such as a proposal, or even a group event such as birthdays, anniversaries, and so on? Are you someone who has come from some other corner of the world to have a vacation trip in Dubai? You should definitely not miss out spending some splendid time with your loved ones on the dinner cruise in Dubai Marina and you will be able to cherish this beautiful memory throughout your life.

Enjoy Great Food With Great Entertainment

It is not all about just a dinner on the cruise. The whole dinner thing has been arranged in such a way that you can surely enjoy it throughout the evening. It is a dhow cruise on which the set up is done and it can be said as a floating restaurant too. There are so many people visiting the cruise from all parts of the world and hence the dinner menu is set in such a way that can match a wide range of people visiting the floating restaurant.

The menu starts up with the starters that mainly consist of dates, Arabic coffee, lentil soup, samosas, and spring rolls. It is soon followed by salads and there are various options laid down on the table such as coleslaw, Russian salad, laccha onion, hummus, bread rolls with dressings, and many more.

The main course consists of a diverse number of options such as Lebanese grilled chicken, mashed potato, beef stroganoff, Indian breads, and many more to match the taste of all type of people arriving on board. The dessert section offers again a range of options such as fresh fruit salad, pastries, English cake, brownies, and others.

The dinner is served to the guests through buffet so that everyone can enjoy the exact type of food that they wish to have. Though a fine dinner on a floating restaurant is already a great idea, but the dinner cruise experts have many more add-ons to it. The guests having dinner on the cruise are entertained by various live performances. Some of the most common options are the live female vocalist and male tanura dance show.

The Ease of Booking

Already the amazing idea of having dinner on a floating restaurant is something great. Dubai Marina is one of the most sophisticated canal area that is surrounded the modern city elements and the dinner on the Dhow cruise is well-entertained by various live performances. So, are you thinking that the booking of the dinner cruise will be something for which you need to get hyped out? It is actually not.

There are two ways how you can make the booking. If you wish to avail the dinner just with your partner or a few of the members, you can get the booking by paying the per person charges. There are different charges for different age groups such as adults, kids, and infants can come up for free. After you have taken the booking, you will be notified about the timings such as boarding time, cruise timing, and so on.

There are also instances when you may wish to celebrate an event on the cruise such as a birthday party or an anniversary or so. In this case, paying per person charges can cost you something huge. The professionals suggest in this case getting a private two-way transfer option for a whole group. You need pay depending upon the number of individuals who will be coming up on the private cruise of yours.

The Reviews

Today, whenever you need to select something or need to do something new, the first thing that you do is to search online. When you have got an idea of going for such a dinner cruise option, one of the best things again that you can do is to check out the reviews online. There are so many sites that have claimed options such as the Alexandra Dhow Cruise to be one of the best options that you can go for a dinner cruise on the Marina canal.

If you check the review of Google Reviews, the dhow service has been offered with a 4.4-star rating that is something really great. Not just Google Reviews, other sites such as TripAdvisor and Viator has also offered a star rating of 4.5 to the dhow dinner cruise service. You can always trust these sites because such sites show star ratings based on the reviews of the real customers. If you check out the sites personally, you can even get to see some of the comments and images uploaded by the customers who have already visited the dinner cruise and have enjoyed the place.


Dubai has a lot to offer not only to its domestic individual but also to its tourists who are traveling from various international countries across the globe. Among various attractions that will seem appealing and breath-taking, one of the best experiences that you will love to enjoy is the dinner cruise. There are many of the travel agents who will put this experience in your tour package for sure. In case, if you have missed out, you should surely try to get it to have a lifetime experience.

It is not only about the international dinner buffet that is served on the cruise, it is also about the lovely experience that you will enjoy and the memories that you can make. Enjoying a candlelight dinner with your spouse or partner, viewing the buildings and other elements of the city passing by while your cruise is floating one the Marina canal is something that you should not surely miss out. Getting the bookings done is also quite convenient and hence you should surely take this opportunity to enjoy such an element where you will find international culture coming up with the traditions of Dubai and offering you something that you will remember for a long time after you have returned back from your trip.


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