the daily show needs to stop being so mean to the good people among the trumpers

‘The Daily Show’ needs to stop being so mean to the ‘good people’ among the Trumpers

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“The Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper should go out of his way to find the smart Trumpers for his reports on Trump rallies.

This is the perspective of a friend of a friend who is overly concerned that Klepper’s viral videos featuring the Trumpers who aren’t good at explaining their support for Orange Jesus unfairly stereotype rural voters.

The more I think about it, the more I totally see what this friend of a friend is getting at.

I mean, sure, Klepper should find the smart ones and ask them, so, do you, like Trump, and like a lot of the other folks here, also hate immigrants, African Americans, LGBTQs, women who don’t know their place, and if so, why?

And then, do you agree with the former president embracing QAnon, the fringe movement that is based on the idea that prominent Democrats are leading a Satanic pedophile ring that Trump has been working behind the scenes for the past five years to expose, and that any day now, Trump will be reinstalled as president, at which point Democrats and their supporters will be put on trial and executed on live TV?

And if so, you know, please explain, can’t wait to hear your answer.

The friend of a friend insists that there are “good people” at the rallies, and if he means by “good people” that there are folks there who are “educated,” “affable,” “go to church,” “lead otherwise normal lives” when they’re not advocating the end of American democracy, he may be right.

Having a college degree and being nice when you explain to somebody why you think people who don’t think like you should be executed might indeed make you a “good person,” especially if you go to church and help coach your kids’ soccer team.

I mean, it’s not like Adolf Hitler wasn’t a smart guy, right?

Him and Goebbels and the other Nazi leaders didn’t just luck their way into political power.

When you get down to it, maybe the problem with Hitler and his cronies wasn’t that they wanted to exterminate Jews as much as it was that we just didn’t ask them why they wanted to exterminate Jews, and use that understanding to try to find some sort of middle ground.

That Jordan Keppler guy is really missing out here.

Instead of highlighting the craziness that, on the surface, would seem to be the motivating factor for run-of-the-mill Trumpers, he should be seeking out the Hitlers and Goebbels among them, to get a finger on the pulse of the Trump intelligentsia, so to speak.

I’m sure they wouldn’t go out of their way to act like their fellow Trumpists are just misunderstood, that it’s not really racial or gender-orientation or political animus that gets them out of bed in the morning, that it’s all about the economy, or that they like how Trump tells it like it is, or something else.

They’re the smart people; of course they’re not going to just outright tell you that it’s because they hate the America that elected a black president and said same-sex marriage should be legal.

Anyway, this seems like a worthwhile exercise.

Wouldn’t normalize that way of thinking at all. Oh, no.

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