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The Bucks stay away from the NBA trade madness

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“A lot of teams are getting players so they can play against us.” This is how Giannis Antetokounmpo summed up the 2020 NBA trade deadline.

The Milwaukee Bucks were not a protagonist in the NBA trade deadline. The leaders of the top US sports league kept out of the madness in which more than 8% of the players changed teams. Some might have been disappointed by this strategy. But let’s be honest: the Bucks are on their way to 70 wins and don’t seem to be the team most in need of squad changes.

Nevertheless, after the game against the Sixers, the journalists asked the Greek Freak what he thought about his team not signing anyone. His answer was loud and clear: “I think there should not be any change in our squad, and I thank God for that. I think the players and the chemistry we have are great. We’re playing great. They are the guys I am going to war with all season, and I am happy that everything will remain the same.”

Among the many teams that did go fishing, several could now be back on the right track to the ring. We are referring to the Heat in the East and the Clippers in the West. But also, the Sixers or the Rockets, who made some interesting moves. This is how the Greek player sees it: “I think a lot of teams have signed players to be able to play against us, but I think we are still the best team in the NBA. We have the best record.” No one can argue with that!

We’ll see if that works out for them. Last year, the Bucks finished with the best record in the regular league. But they were eliminated in the conference finals in a “traumatic” way. For reminder, after going 2-0 ahead against the Raptors, the Wisconsin team ended up losing the next four games in a row. Reminiscences of the former will surely back come in due time as they progress through the playoffs. But for now, they are even stronger than they were a year ago and have earned the right to be the 2020 NBA favorites.

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