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MTG’s effort to oust Mike Johnson as House Speaker fails miserably

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The U.S. House voted 359-43 on Wednesday to table a motion made by extremist Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson from his leadership post.

And who woulda thunk it, but our local extremist Republicans in the House, Ben Cline (R-Sixth) and Bob Good (R-Fifth), didn’t vote with Greene.

Neither Cline nor Good has commented at this writing on why they voted the way they did.

Greene, she who believes in Jewish space lasers, among other nonsense things, razzed Johnson for surviving the attempted ouster with the help of Democrats.

“When given a choice between advancing Republican priorities or allied with the Democrats to preserve his own personal power, Johnson regularly chooses to ally himself with Democrats,” said Greene, who fancies herself a possible VP pick for disgraced ex-president Donald Trump, who actually whipped Republicans to vote against her motion.

“I absolutely love Marjorie Taylor Greene,” he wrote on his social media platform, no doubt hoping as he typed the words that Greene isn’t about to fess up to killing a puppy, like another one of his rumored VP contenders, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, before adding, “it is my request” that Republicans vote to table the motion to oust Johnson.

Virginia Democrat Abigail Spanberger, who is running for the Democratic Party nomination for governor in the 2025 cycle, issued a statement after voting to table in which she highlighted how House Democrats have been “the adults in the room” throughout this Congress.

“Last month, I made clear that I would take this action in the event of Rep. Greene attempting to penalize the Speaker for doing the right thing – passing urgent aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Speaker Johnson must meet this moment with a renewed resolve to maintain a functioning Congress capable of delivering bipartisan results for the American people,” said Spanberger, who currently represents the Seventh District, which includes the Northern Virginia exurbs, Central Virginia and extends to the northern border of Albemarle County.

Fourth District Democrat Jennifer McClellan also voted to table, saying in a statement that the House “needs to focus on passing major pieces of legislation to improve the lives of the American people, like the Farm Bill, the Federal Aviation Authorization, the National Defense Authorization Act, and our annual government funding bills, not political theater.”

“I urge House Republicans to abandon the Chaos Caucus clown show and join Democrats in prioritizing people over politics,” McClellan said.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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