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Is there a coach-in-waiting at UVA? Our latest FOIA request tests the theory

Chris Graham
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Photo: UVA Athletics

We’ve got another iron in the fire in the developing story on the future of UVA Basketball coach Tony Bennett.

To reset where we are, we found out earlier this week, from a public-records request, that Bennett has two years left on his contract, which is set to expire on April 30, 2026, and that there are no records, according to the University of Virginia FOIA office, of any extensions being offered to Bennett.

Going, now, from what we know to, what some are speculating, there’s the chatter about Bennett’s top two assistant coaches, Ron Sanchez and Jason Williford.

The thinking that’s been out there for a while, which is to say, well before we knew for sure the details of Bennett’s contract status, has been that Sanchez, who came to Virginia with Bennett from Washington State back in 2009, gave up his head-coaching job at Charlotte to return to Bennett’s staff last year with the expectation that he would, one day, be in place to take over whenever Bennett were to step down.

It would seem to stand to reason that, if that was actually the case, it might show up in contract language.

This is why we’ve submitted a request through the UVA FOIA office for the contracts of Sanchez and Williford, to test that theory.

We’ll update you once we hear, which will probably be later in the week next week.

Chris Graham

Chris Graham

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