Tech and football: Just the perfect mix?

football soccerTechnology has been synonymous to all aspects of our lives these days. Starting from computers, to robots, to even daily everyday jobs, technology has now been embedded and intertwined with our daily lives. Even sports have now been embedded with the latest technology which has helped it to be more unbiased. Football, too, which is one of the most loved sports on the planet, hasn’t been spared from the clutches of the expansion of modern technology.

FIFA, also was known as the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, now has an entire website dedicated to the technology that goes behind making an international football match, complete with some of the greatest players in the world, a success. If you love playing online games or betting online with a pala casino bonus, it’s surely something you would want to take a look at.

The Goal-Line Technology: The Revolutionary Change We Were Looking For?

With the introduction of the goal-line technology in the world cup of 2014, the game has, in fact, become much more transparent. Referees can now get a clear idea of whether or not the ball crossed the goal line even if it is for a few milliseconds. This technology has helped many players get what was due to them.

One such example is in 2014’s World Cup where France’s Karim Benzema was awarded a much-deserved goal when his header against Honduras has just crossed the goal-line for just a few millimeters. There have been multiple such incidences ever since 2014 which had benefitted the football teams as a whole when it came to the game.

Video Assistant Refereeing

Another advancement in technology has also been the video assistant referee. The technology had been present in the game of cricket for quite a while and had now been greenlighted for the 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia.

On the field, referees can now talk to the video assistant referees for errors that they might have otherwise missed. This is a great way for the game to be fair and without effective human error. Training centers have now been formulated for personnel who are given proper training for new career advancement in becoming a video assistant referee.

Electronic Tracking Systems

2018 FIFA world cup has also seen the introduction of the electronic performance and tracking systems that can give the medical staff and other officials sitting on the bench for both the teams real-time information about a player on the field so that they can track and monitor their performances with ease and make decisions accordingly. This helps that every medical staff can now be ready for every contingency that might arise with any of the players of their team.

With technology advancing in leaps and bounds in the current years, it probably is not too far into the future when everything will become technologically related, and the basis of every game will depend on Artificial Intelligence. We might even see the officials all turning towards Artificial Intelligence or AI for further enhancement of the game in general in the coming future.


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