Tea Party, conservative leaders call for immigration reform

flag2On Wednesday on a national call hosted by the Partnership for a New American Economy and moderated by Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, Tea Party Express Co-Founder Sal Russo announced his support for fixing the broken immigration system by passing substantive immigration reform legislation this year.

“Our economy, our security, and our citizens deserve a system that works,” said Sal Russo, Co-founder of the Tea Party Express. “Tea Party voters want solutions to the real problems facing America and immigration is no exception. We encourage Congress to take action this year and provide conservative, free-market, common sense solutions to the problems in our immigration system.”

Today, two of Virginia’s Tea Party and Conservative leaders applauded this announcement. Chris Stearns, 3rd District GOP Chairman, announced his support for the passage of substantive reform this year.

“We expect our leaders to find solutions to the many problems facing America. On immigration, I applaud Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express and grover norquist with the Americans for Tax Reform on outlining a strategy based on conservative principles that will secure our borders, enforce our laws and complement the many Americans who are already participating in our free market economy,” said Stearns.

Grassroots activist and Virginia Beach resident Waverly Woods also backed a comprehensive immigration reform package with hopes of a unified effort in Washington.

“While America is home to many different cultures, we are one nation of laws made under god,” Ms. Woods said. “Today’s announcement by the leadership of the Tea Party Express and grover norquist showcase that our liberty-minded leaders can come together and support principled solutions that will address our nation’s challenge. I hope our elected leaders in Washington will listen to voices like these as they try to solve the immigration issue.”

In conjunction with Russo’s announcement today, the Partnership for a New American EconomyAmericans for Tax Reform, and the Tea Party Express released a new national survey of 400 Republican Primary voters who identify strongly (65%) or somewhat (35%) with the Tea Party movement.

Key Findings:

  • Voters want Congress to act on immigration reform this year: 71 percent said it is important that Congress act on immigration reform this year.
  • Voters support a plan in line with Speaker Boehner’s standards: 76 percent support a plan that would include both improved border security and enforcement as well as a way for undocumented immigrants who are already in this country to stay if they pay penalties, pay back taxes, pass a criminal background check, and learn English and American civics.
  • Voters support a way for undocumented immigrants to attain legal status or U.S. citizenship: 70 percent support a plan that provides legal status or U.S. citizenship for undocumented immigrants who pay penalties, pay back taxes, pass a criminal background check, and learn English and American civics.
  • Voters would elect a candidate who supports broad reform: 69 percent would vote for a candidate who supports broad reform over one who supports border security only.

This national survey was conducted by Alexandria-based McLaughlin & Associates on May 9-12, 2014 and surveyed 400 Republican Primary voters who identify with the Tea Party (65% strongly/35% somewhat). The total sample has a margin of error of +/- 4.9 percent.

About the Partnership for a New American Economy
The Partnership for a New American Economy brings together more than 500 Republican, Democratic and Independent mayors and business leaders who support immigration reforms that will help create jobs for Americans today. The Partnership’s members include mayors of more than 35 million people nationwide and business leaders of companies that generate more than $1.5 trillion and employ more than 4 million people across all sectors of the economy, from Agriculture to Aerospace, Hospitality to High Tech and Media to Manufacturing. Partnership members understand that immigration is essential to maintaining the productive, diverse and flexible workforce that America needs to ensure prosperity over the coming generations. Learn more atwww.RenewOurEconomy.org.

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