A few social media strategies that will mark 2017

2017Digital marketing, communication between people and between businesses and customers – these are some of the activities where social media play a very important role. Those who have done some research know that every major brand today uses at least one social media platform for promotion. That’s why more and more small businesses are looking for the best ways to use social media. In order to take advantage of social media platforms, it is crucial to follow the latest trends and news in this field. We will use this article to present a few social media strategies that will mark this year.


1. Investing in followers

Let’s be clear – no matter how great your business message is and how interesting offer you have if you don’t have enough followers, your business will remain unnoticed. It is not enough to have a profile on these networks – you must be active and you must have fans/followers. Investing in followers is not that difficult. First of all, you can purchase followers on different networks. For instance, there are many social media account holders that want to buy Instagram followers. If you are one of them, remember to stick to reliable sellers. In addition, you can ask some influencers for help or use PPC campaigns.


2. Investing in quality content

There are many business owners and managers that are making the same mistake when it comes to social media networks – they are focused only on promoting their products or services. While it is a good idea to present your new product or special offer to the base of followers you have, it is even a better idea to share useful information through your profile. This means that the content you share must be informative, shareable and engaging. Modern customers are nothing like the customers we had 3-4 decades ago. Modern men and women are well-informed and serious and they know when someone is just trying to sell goods. In addition, to interesting articles, you should use social media to share interesting photos and videos. Remember to share posts from other social media members.


3. Focusing on two social media platforms

In the beginning, most businesses wanted to use the top five social media networks. Of course, creating an account on any of these networks is easy and simple. But, being active on five networks at once is a time-consuming process. Instead of focusing on business growth, you have to focus on social media activities. The smartest idea is to use one or two social media networks at a time unless you are planning on hiring social media management service providers. Think about the networks that your potential and existing clients are using and stick to these networks.


4. Thinking about mobile users

Finally, we should not forget to mention that the world is going mobile. Your social media posts and statuses must be mobile-friendly. In addition, all the features you have on your social media profile must be accessible for tablet and smartphone users.

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