Reasons behind the recent DIY culture boom

home improvementThe maker or DIY culture has been on the rise for some time. Millions of people now attend maker fairs that pop up around the world. There are a number of reasons why this culture is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Online Connectivity

One reason the DIY culture is taking off is because there is an online community supporting it. This community allows newcomers and seasoned DIY-ers to learn from each other, which helps promote growth.

It is obvious this culture is empowered by the internet, which one can see with the success of sites like Instructables. This digital space has 30 million visitors itching to make things on their own.

A strong online community allows makers to feel like they belong to a growing community, and that usually gives people encouragement, even if some DIY projects are hard to accomplish.

Money-Making Crafting

The next thing that should be pointed out is there is a real hunger for craftsmanship in the world. At the moment, it is estimated that the craft industry is worth about $44 billion, and many talented DIY-ers are getting a piece of the pie.

This kind of talent has increased in value, and a savvy person will take advantage of that.

Of course, making a business out of craft-making requires a person to take crafting a little more seriously, which means investing in quality tools. Serious crafters usually turn to sites like Tool Tally to find quality tools, which should help them produce even better results.

Some reasons this kind of job is becoming popular is because the overhead is relatively low; people can easily sell items online, and most people nowadays have more than one job.

It should also be pointed out that a growing number of people are hungry to support small, local businesses, especially if those businesses are doing things by hand. Perhaps this newfound love for everything handmade is coming from an over-saturation of cookie-cutter, factory-made items.

Savings are a Drive

It is no secret that many people are dealing with some economic distress. This is one reason people are seeking more than one job or take up gigs from time to time.

A reason so many people are seeing the value in DIY skills is because these skills can end up saving people money.

People are seeing that it is much better to unclog their toilet on their own rather than hire a professional. This is especially true because learning how to do this takes a few instructional videos that are peppered throughout the internet.

Some of those individuals are also seeing the value in learning how to build their own sheds and furniture to name a few things.

A family could spend thousands of dollars on a new living room set or a fraction of that by simply building the furniture by hand at home. The items are not only unique but can also be customized to a person’s specific tastes to a degree that cannot be easily matched by regular businesses.

Some of the people getting involved in this culture might also be seeing the value in self-made items. There is something special about items that were made by hand that cannot be found in items that were simply purchased. These items can be passed down through the generations, which is part of what makes the things that are coming out of the DIY culture so special.

There is no telling how much bigger this movement is going to get, but it is clear that it has momentum at the moment. The movement is probably disrupting other businesses that depend on people not being able to do things without a professional, but that is the nature of people: they are unpredictable.


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