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What you should know about direct to consumer aligners

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In an ongoing effort to provide more transparency and support for young adults looking for affordable and reliable orthodontic information; Direct to Consumer Aligners or DTC aligners have caused a ripple throughout the oral health industry. The popularity of DTC aligners has offered a financially viable solution for those who are looking to have that perfect smile but have limited funds and resources to access professional dental treatments.

Research conducted by the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics found that the general public is becoming more comfortable with DTC aligners, as compared to in-office visits which still remains relatively popular. Despite skepticism from the general public regarding the use of DTC aligners, the introduction of at-home teeth straightening kits recognizes the need for more convenient and affordable orthodontic procedures – especially in some instances where patients either have limited access to oral health professionals or insubstantial resources to their disposal.

Can I trust DTC aligners?

Teledentistry is a relatively new and modern concept, with its inception taking shape within the last 5 years or so. With some individuals having limited access to professional dental procedures, Smile Prep offers practical and transparent guidance for young adults and individuals looking to purchase and make use of DTC aligners. Platforms such as these offer an unbiased approach, permitting individuals to conduct their own research, and finalize a decision based on consumer-related reviews.

Still somewhat new to the market, DTC aligners now offer individuals an affordable, yet professional at-home oral health solution. DTC aligners have also grown in popularity among young adults who require mild to moderate dental treatments. Leading brands such as Invisalign are prominent, but initial costing and follow-up procedures with dentists or orthodontists can over time become an extremely pricey option. DTC aligners are cost-effective, yet trustworthy according to consumer reviews, but you can also compare all options here.

There’s a variety of DTC aligner brands to choose from, but over time, consumer reviews have shown which are the most popular and conveniently priced, especially for mild to moderate cases.


Candid has been actively changing smiles since 2017 and has caused a ripple in the teledentistry industry ever since. Now, Candid has become a premium name associated with high-quality DTC aligners, with recent developments offering virtual check-ins. This allows individuals to have regular check-ins with their orthodontists, making it more convenient and cost-effective for the consumer. Candid however is priced somewhat more on initial inception compared to other brands, but overall customer experience has proven positive.

Megan M. from Tuscarawas, Ohio had this review about Candid:  “I had overcrowded and overlapping teeth, which always bothered my self esteem. I did a lot of research and decided on Candid Co. They sent the impression kit with lots of great directions. Then a few weeks later they sent me my treatment plan for my approval. I loved it! So they sent all 14 steps in the same box. That is a great idea because you don’t have to wait for your next step. All the steps went painlessly and my teeth moved! I now only wear the retainer at night and couldn’t be happier with my smile. Candid Co was always professional, easy to contact, and overall great to work with. I am beyond impressed by them!”


For a more affordable option, especially in the long run – AlignerCo has become a household brand considering teledentistry. The balance between quality and price meets in perfect harmony when considering to make use of AlignerCo DTC aligners. Although somewhat smaller compared to other leading industry brands, AlignerCo, like many others, has disadvantages when it comes to their offerings and extra services. Some reviews have suggested that AlignerCo might take a bit longer to obtain that perfect smile.


Byte is currently the second largest home aligner provider based on the general market of customers they have helped since their inception in 2018. Since then, Byte has been acquired by Dentsply Sirona, a global leader for dental supplies. Currently, Byte offers a more customer-focused experience, offering consumers a variety of ways in which they can contact a team of professionals. Although relatively new to the market, their years of experience hasn’t been a drawback for them – during this time they’ve expanded their offering to cater for a larger group of consumers.

Things to consider

The growing need for more advanced and innovative teledentistry procedures has seen a small group of virtual and DTC aligner brands come to life. Although this can offer more convenience in regards to choosing one that suits your needs and budget, thorough research should still be conducted before making a final call. To finish off, DTC aligners, which are offered by the above-mentioned brands, allows for more in-home and private dental procedures that won’t rip a hole in your wallet, but the severity of each instance should be carefully considered to ensure you end up with the smile you want and deserve.

Story by Giuliana Speranza



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