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Ways of getting an “A”: Diligence vs cheating


writing marketEvery student, regardless of one’s academic assessment has considered cheating at least once. There are different circumstances under which students have to make this choice between what is easy and what is right, yet the number of those, who prefer cheating, has grown significantly over the past few years. The importance of education is now probably higher than ever, but the value of it, unfortunately, is experiencing a downfall. Only a few decades ago, a college certificate would ensure you a smooth career start and a bright perspective for it’s development. Nowadays, however, bachelor’s degree is a must for almost any job, and in some cases can only grant you an unpaid internship. Moreover, college fees have grown to backbreaking levels, which is not making a learning experience easier, as it is pushing students to work at tiring, low-paid positions so that they can reduce their loans even a little.

Recent researches have shown that approximately 50000 students were caught cheating in UK, and in other European countries and the USA the rate is at least four times higher. There are different types of cheating. Some students use modern technology during exams and tests, while other prefer cheating in their homework, buying academic papers online.

Is there an excuse for such behavior? Can cheating be beneficial? In fact, it can. In terms of finding a way of not being caught during the exam, it can enhance creativity, forcing a student to think outside the box. Most of the students prefer using their phones and the internet to find the right answers, yet some use more sophisticated devices, such as earbuds. These devices are easily accessible and moderately priced, which makes them so appealing. No matter how surprising it may sound, but buying papers at times can be advantageous too. It means that a student is determined to have good grades, although, for some reason, is uncertain that can get them oneself. Some students are just not so good at writing, unable to follow the rules of academic writing even if they have a full comprehension of a subject, while others are just prioritizing their time. There is no doubt that curriculums are still full of subjects that have little or no application in real life, so students prefer spending their time on subjects that are more likely to pay off.

How to get high grades?

Many students feel skeptical towards the whole educational system, finding it outdated and non-viable, they are fed up with the constant flow of paperwork. That is why more and more scholars prefer outsourcing their college papers to custom writing services. The real reason for this problem is not students being lazy, but students regarding to higher education as a deal, where they have to pay to get a degree, and thus, see no shame in involving a custom essay writing service as a third party. On the second thought, the ability to acknowledge one’s own incompetence in some fields and delegate the tasks to people who are more credible in them, is a valuable personal feature. Moreover, scholars can experience anxiety when they need to write an academic paper, so they try to avoid the stress connected with it.

Some universities have launched campaigns to fight plagiarism and cheating, however they are almost powerless without governmental support. The thing is, it is almost undetectable, whether a student had bought a custom written paper, or wrote it oneself. To reveal such fraud, the essay in question should be compared to other papers written by the same student for a detailed analysis of the used vocabulary and grammar. Naturally, it is a rather complex process, which requires substantial funding. Furthermore, the universities won’t be able to analyze every paper of every student, and to do it selectively they should have enough reasons to suspect some individuals in cheating.

But what should students do, if they don’t know how to write a college paper? Many universities established committees that would support struggling students in their academic aspirations. In other words, if you are experiencing difficulties with your education, but want to save your academic integrity, you should contact a counselor for some tips for academic writing. It is a valuable skill that will be crucial for those students who see their careers in scientific areas, as it is near to impossible to write a research article without a decent amount of practice. There are other benefits of writing papers on one’s own, such as finding new perspective fields of study, not to mention the satisfaction of completed hard work.

It is important to understand that academic writing is not going to disappear anytime soon, if ever. It is the only proper and convenient way of sharing scientific information and getting credit for one’s research. And again, since demand stimulates the offering, some authors endeavored to publish guides to academic writing, others established online writing challenges, such as “One month of academic writing”. These things illustrate that the struggle with academic writing is real, but students unite to overcome it.

Some authorities have an initiative to block websites that provide paid help with writing essays, but the sudden witch-hunt on paper writing services is nothing but an attempt to find a scapegoat to blame for poor educational system. The ever-growing flow of paperwork instead of a thrilling and diverse schooling process makes students feel abandoned and neglected. In other words, students feel cheated by the system, perceiving that writing essays is not a reliable way to confirm their knowledge, as are numerous tests. After all, there is no need to make up an obvious villain to distract public attention from real issues of higher education and it’s overall decay.



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