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Third NOVA man pleads guilty to paying cash bribes in exchange for sheriff badge

Crystal Graham
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A Northern Virginia businessman, who paid a $25,000 cash bribe to then-Culpeper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins’ reelection campaign, pled guilty today to federal bribery charges.

Rick Rahim, 60, of Great Falls, pled guilty today to one count of conspiracy to commit federal programs bribery and honest services mail fraud and one count of honest services mail fraud.

Rahim is the third Northern Virginia businessman to plead guilty as part of the bribery scheme.

In March 2024, James Metcalf of Manassas pled guilty to one count of bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds.

Fairfax Attorney Frederic Gumbinner pled guilty in November 2023 to an identical charge.

“Today’s guilty plea demonstrates how seriously the Justice Department takes public corruption and the bribery of public officials,” said U.S. Attorney Christopher R. Kavanaugh.

“The badges and guns worn by the men and women who swear an oath to protect and serve the Commonwealth of Virginia is not for sale and those who attempt to buy that honor will be held to account,” said Kavanaugh.

The trial against Jenkins for fraud and bribery is scheduled for July 22-30 in the Western District of Virginia federal courthouse in Charlottesville.

According to court documents, Rahim owned and operated several businesses including BV Management LLC and Food Truck Company LLC.

Rahim had no law-enforcement or military experience and was disqualified from owning a firearm due to a prior state felony conviction.

In 2003 or 2004, Rahim met a businessman residing in Prince William County who was an auxiliary deputy with the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office.

In late 2019, the businessman asked Rahim if he wanted to “support” Jenkins. At that time, Rahim understood support to mean giving money. The businessman told Rahim that Jenkins would probably agree to make Rahim an auxiliary deputy in exchange for his support. Rahim agreed.

On July 31, 2019, Rahim, the businessman and Jenkins met at the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office. During the meeting, they discussed Rahim’s previous felony record and his desire to get his firearms rights restored. Jenkins claimed he could use his official position to ensure that Rahim’s petition to restore his firearms rights would be granted.

Jenkins and Rahim agreed that Rahim would provide things of value to Jenkins in exchange for Jenkins’ use of his official position to get Rahim’s rights restored and to appoint him an auxiliary deputy with the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office.

On two occasions, Rahim gave Jenkins manila envelopes filled with cash – one with $15,000 and a second with $10,000.

In addition to the $25,000 in cash, Rahim also made in-kind donations to Jenkins’ campaign, including a campaign billboard and approximately 200 customized knifes.

Rahim also loaned Jenkins $17,500 towards a new home Jenkins was building. Rahim never requested repayment because he wanted to maintain a good relationship with Jenkins.

On May 27, 2020, the Circuit Court Clerk of Culpeper County swore Rahim in as an auxiliary deputy sheriff and the Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office issued him a deputy badge and identification card.

Crystal Graham

Crystal Graham

Crystal Abbe Graham is the regional editor of Augusta Free Press. A 1999 graduate of Virginia Tech, she has worked for nearly 25 years as a reporter and editor for several Virginia publications, written a book, and garnered more than a dozen Virginia Press Association awards for writing and graphic design. She was the co-host of "Viewpoints," a weekly TV news show, and co-host of Virginia Tonight, a nightly TV news show. Her work on "Virginia Tonight" earned her a national Telly award for excellence in television.