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The best dog treats for springtime

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For many pet owners, spring is the best time of year. You and your four-legged family members finally get to enjoy a little warm weather. Mother Nature is fruitful, and the fresh air is filled with exciting new scents. Folks go outdoors to enjoy springtime snacks, like cool lemonade by the pool, and a little barbeque in the backyard. You can also enjoy quality walks around the neighborhood, as well as fun car rides to the park. Just don’t forget canine-friendly goodies for your little munchkins. Let’s take a look at some of the best springtime treats for dogs, including CBD for pets and fruit smoothies.

1. Just CBD for dogs

Just CBD for Dogs is always a smart option for beloved pets. Known around the world for the powerful cannabidiol products, their best CBD oil for dogs is known to be highly effective. Whenever you have noisy strangers making a ruckus in your home, there’s a nasty thunderstorm outside, or even if the neighbor is setting off fireworks, these CBD dog snacks can keep everyone calm and cool. You can get ahold of Steak Bites, Chicken Biscuits, Liver Meatballs, and Chicken Meatballs. All of the Just CBD treats for dogs are completely organic, domestically made and laboratory tested for safety. The CBD company also has amazing feedback all over the internet from real customers. Everything from their neat packaging to their professional customer service and effective merchandise for pets makes Just CBD the go-to answer for dog cookies in the spring. Muffin will love them.

2. Mango and chicken biscuits

It’s no secret that canines tend to love fruit. It’s good for them too, as long as you remove the skin and pits first. They also get their fair share of healthy vitamins, such as A, C and E. All people have to do is mix the mango with oats, cinnamon, egg, whole wheat flower and the poultry. Press into one ball of dough and roll it out. Then comes the fun part. Use a cookie cutter to turn your biscuits into entertaining shapes, like gingerbread men and hearts. Mango and Chicken Biscuits don’t need to be cooked longer than 15 minutes before Pooky gets to enjoy them.

3. Strawberry & banana cookies

While canned strawberries can harm a dog, there is nothing to fear with feeding your beloved pet some fresh strawberries. After all, they’re filled with healthy vitamins and minerals that can assist with aging. At the same time, strawberries can even boost an animal’s immune system and help with weight management. Just be careful, as strawberries are often too sweet for pets. As long as strawberry and banana cookies are served in moderation, everyone’s sensitive belly should be fine. If you use peanut butter, make sure to rely on an all-natural option without added sugar. Otherwise, little Coco can get an upset stomach.

4. Strawberry smoothie-flavored biscuits

Speaking of strawberries, men and women can sit back and enjoy the springtime weather while sipping a delicious smoothie. Meanwhile, pets tend to appreciate strawberry banana smoothie-flavored biscuits. Feel free to toss some bananas in the mix, as the fruit is another safe picking for pets. Let it cook for approximately 20 minutes and put it into a blender with milk. As Bob Marley would say, stir it up until it becomes smooth. Put it in the fridge to let it freeze and you’re all set. A shopper can also pick up some frozen strawberry smoothies for dogs at special stores online. So which scrumptious and refreshing dog snack will you try first this spring?

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