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Syria missile attack: Is this whole thing a work?


donald trump wweIn case you hadn’t made the connection that the Syria airstrikes mean the Trump team isn’t in league with Russia, Eric Trump laid it out for you.

“If there was anything that Syria did, it was to validate the fact that there is no Russia tie,” the younger Trump told the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday.

Because, come on, seriously, there’s no way the Trump administration would order airstrikes out of the blue against the Assad regime, given that the Assad regime is under the thumb of Vladimir Putin, and thus risk upsetting Putin to the point where he’d scramble his warships, among the sabres that he has since started to rattle.

Sure, you’d think that 59 Tomahawk missiles would do more damage than was done – six Syrian soldiers dead, a little damage to jets, runways and hangars.

It’s almost as if somebody tipped the Syrians off that the missiles were coming. Or that the target chosen was the softest of soft targets, or both.

In any case, the message has been sent. The U.S., under Trump, won’t tolerate attacks on civilians by dictators, even if they happen to be dictators propped up by Putin – actually, especially if they happen to be dictators propped up by Putin.

Because, see, The Donald isn’t beholden to Putin. Who had nothing to do with him getting elected in November, despite what the fake news media and the loser Democrats (and the FBI and CIA) have accumulated in the form of evidence that suggests otherwise.

Putin is saying that tensions between the U.S. and Russia are at their highest level since the Cold War. He’s practically saying he wishes Crooked Hillary had won the election, it’s so bad with this Trump.

Might this be what folks in the pro wrestling business call a work? In wrestling, you see, oh, let’s look at a long ago WWE feud between Vince McMahon and future Hall of Famer Donald Trump. The sworn mortal enemies used proxies to battle on their behalf in a big WrestleMania match, the stakes for which were that the loser would have his head shaved by the winner.

Not surprisingly, Trump’s proxy won, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, the special referee, helped The Donald shear the WWE chairman.

They call it a work in wrestling because everybody involved is focused on working the fans to believe that something that is not actually at all true is in fact very much true.

The missile attacks were a kind of Sweet Chin Music at Syria as proxy from Trump aimed at Putin, who like McMahon is hopping mad in front of the camera that he had just had his head shaved in public by The Donald.

The WrestleMania trick, of course, was worked out by Trump, McMahon and a team of writers weeks beforehand, and executed brilliantly in front of a live worldwide audience, to ratings-drawing effect.

With this Syria thing, well, the heat is off Trump being a Russian stooge, or so Eric Trump would have you believe.

Because, and it bears repeating, Putin is hopping mad, has his warships moving around, is talking Cold War.

Trump, Assad and Putin, and a group of writers, didn’t work out the details of the missile attack trick beforehand.

It only looks like it.

Column by Chris Graham



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