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Susan Allen stumps for Goodlatte in Staunton, Roanoke


Susan Allen was joined by Congressman Bob Goodlatte Saturday for campaign events in Staunton and Roanoke.

In Staunton, Congressman Goodlatte and Susan Allen headlined a “Send a Message” lunch event at Mrs. Rowe’s Family Restaurant, known for their famous pies. They met with local families and small business owners who share George Allen’s and Bob Goodlatte’s concerns about the counter-productive Obama-Kaine policies that they say re discouraging business and job growth in the area.

“George got off the sidelines and into the fight for this pivotal U.S. Senate seat because he strongly believes that Virginians should be able to control their own destinies,” said Susan Allen. “I’m proud of George’s positive, bold vision for an American Comeback based on freedom and opportunity. What George and I are hearing as we travel throughout Virginia is that families and small business owners want less taxes, fewer regulations and more freedom to run their own lives and businesses. George and I thank Congressman Goodlatte for standing strong with us as we work for victory on June 12th and November 6th.”

In the afternoon, Congressman Goodlatte welcomed Susan Allen to his campaign headquarters in Roanoke for a get-out-the-vote event where they rallied supporters to bring their family, friends and neighbors with them to vote for George Allen in the June 12th Republican Primary.

“Virginia has a choice between two futures this election cycle and that choice begins June 12,” said Congressman Goodlatte. “Now is the time to say we’ve had enough of the irresponsible, debt-driven economic policies of President Obama and Tim Kaine that have diminished jobs and jeopardized our future. The House continues to pass pro-growth policies to create jobs while the U.S. Senate continues to stall and delay any progress.  Virginia needs a partner in the U.S. Senate and that partner is George Allen, a proven conservative leader. I’m encouraging all Virginians to join me in voting for George’s positive, pro-growth vision on June 12 because we can’t afford six more years of the failed Obama-Kaine economic policies. Virginians deserve better, and George Allen is the right leader for a future built on more freedom and less government.”

Kaine campaign spokesperson Lily Adams responded to the comments attacking Democratic policy ideas, saying “Virginians got the message after George Allen’s last term in the Senate when he voted to turn a record surplus to a massive deficit, and helped bring our economy to near collapse.”

“As he runs for re-election, Allen has continued to send a message loud and clear to Virginia’s business owners, women, veterans, students, and others that he will put partisan politics ahead of their best interests.  In this campaign, Allen has praised controversial plans like the Ryan budget that will burden seniors with massive health care costs, said he’ll bring divisive social legislation to the federal level that could outlaw birth control, and refused to support common sense measures to address pay discrimination. Virginians have already gotten George Allen’smessage and they know we can’t afford to send him back,” Adams said.



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