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The rise of sports gaming


Over the previous decade sports gaming has been on a steady increase and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. What’s even more amazing is the sheer scope of its reach. The sports gaming industry has managed to attract in sports fans who wouldn’t normally play video games and video games fans who wouldn’t usually go for a sports game.

sports businessWithin sports gaming there are two distinct strands to consider when we’re looking at why this industry is so big now. These are the huge video game franchises that sell massive amounts of units for people to play on consoles to ESports that makes a staggering amount of money within the industry each year. Evidence of the way these two separate strands contributes is found in the expected $465 million Esports will make in 2017 or the 100 million copies sold of the American Football themed Madden NFL franchise.


Console Game Big Hitters

When we look at the rise in console based sports gaming then, as mentioned above, the main contributing factors are the mega companies involved and the games franchises they have developed with great success. Chief among these is Electronic Arts who count the hugely successful FIFA Football series as one of its roster. With the latest installment FIFA 18 about to be released, as reported by The Sun, this monster of a game franchise marches on.

Fans love everything about this game from the super realistic controls to the chance to play as your favorite team and players. This realism and popularity has helped sports gaming draw in new consumers and give it an increased profile. It’s not just the FIFA series that Electronic Arts have developed successfully though. NFL Madden, the PGA golf series and the NHL Ice Hockey series all sell millions and help sports gaming continue to grow.

Another giant of the sports gaming world in terms of console gaming is Konami with their Pro Evolution Soccer Series. This was a very successful attempt to rival the FIFA series and initially in the early 2000’s was held in higher regard by players due to the superior gameplay. It has since fallen into FIFA’s shadow though but certainly played its part in helping the sport gaming industry become more widely known and popular.


ESport Gaming – The New Kid On The Block

If there is one recent development in sports gaming that looks set to make it even more popular it is online ESports. For any newcomers, ESports involves gamers competing either online or at special events in titles such as FIFA, League of Legends to Overwatch. Not only is this sector massive with gamers, it is also a huge draw for spectators. It is estimated that people involved with ESports is set to rise from 89 million in 2016 to 145 million in 2017.

These figures are simply stunning and will not only bring more money into the sports gaming industry but also more people. Whether it is players or fans, the sports gaming industry has realized that by attracting more people into it through this route then the whole sector will benefit. A rise in revenue from $130 million in 2012 to $465 million in 2017 shows just how much ESports is on the rise and contributing greatly to the sports gaming sector in general.

Of course, ESports also has the increasing influence of the internet in our daily lives to thank for its rapid growth. Increased broadband speeds and more people using the internet means that gaming online is more accessible to the general public than ever. Online casino sites have also incorporated sports themed games into their roster to meet the rising demand for these types of games. Live casino websites also offer players the chance to get more experience, compete against others, and increase their general skill level.


Can Sport Gaming Carry On Its Upward Trend?

With the figures previously discussed in this article, it seems that the upward curve the sport gaming industry is on will only continue. Estimated figures for 2018 haven’t been released as yet but would seem likely to reach around the $500 million mark, based on the recent growth rates. As more people play and watch sport gaming then this is one sector that looks set to remain popular. With the constant release of new titles in the best-selling franchises like FIFA Football and the rapid evolution within the ESports sector, the sport gaming industry revenue stream is a real home run.



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