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Report: Batista feeling effed over by WWE, on the way out?

batistaInside WWE sources have been laying the smack down on Batista this week, suggesting that the big man is nixing a pay-per-view main event with WWE champ Daniel Bryan because he doesn’t want to put the smaller Bryan over.

The story is BS, according to a report on ProWrestling.net, which cites a source close to Batista for the other side of the story.

The source says WWE has not come through with money promised to Batista for his return, which has not gone well, with creative botching his big win at Royal Rumble that vaulted him into the main event at WrestleMania 30, only to see that match become a three-way match with then-champ Randy Orton and Bryan, who eventually won.

The source said WWE has also not followed through with its promises to promote Batista’s outside projects, including his upcoming movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

“They dragged Daniel Bryan into this to vilify Batista,” the source said. “Daniel is beloved and a martyr so he benefits, but it has nothing to do with jobbing. They’ve twisted. It’s classic Vince. Look at Ultimate Warrior and SummerSlam, Bret Hart in Montreal. (Vince McMahon) puts out his narrative. There are always two sides.”

Doesn’t sound good for a long-term Batista run, there, does it?



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